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The Eve Laurence Story

She posts this on the web:

New Photos Taken 5/05/07 First let me say “Thank You” for taking the time to look over my portfolio. Let me say “YES”, I’m interested in your project and shooting with you, but I am not looking for any TFCD or TFP offers, just paid work unless you have a publication or video project that gives me high visibility. I’m trying to do something here why I’m still young. ? I have been in the Entertainment Industry for about three years. Recent AVN Nominee, I have appeared on Entertainment Tonight, HBO, Playboy Radio and Television (SPICE Clips & Hotel). I have been featured on numerous box covers and have worked for many companies including Adam & Eve to Hustler and Vivid. ; ) With your help I am looking to make a splash into EVERY Industry. So bring on the good offers and let’s have some fun making magic happen. LoL I am a focused model looking to make your project a success; I’m on time and ready to work with positive energy. ~! ? If and when you decide my look and shape is right for your project please tell me about your project in the FIRST EMAIL. I’m comfortable with my body so hearing about your project as you see it won’t make me run for the hills. Tell me things about your project that will help me give you a thoughtful email response like: * When and where: * How long: * Theme or modeling areas needed: * Compensation offered $$: * Makeup or wardrobe provided: If you want to meet me first or call to chat about the project I’m all for it, but please provide the above information first so we can work out the details for that conversation. Time is money, lets make it. I will respond to every email that provides me with the above information! ? By the way, I can do my own makeup and I have an extensive collection of lingerie and glamour outfits plus other stuff. You might have a specific look for me in mind; I’m just giving out options. ~*Eve Laurence*~ Angel Falls Entertainment P.S. I have found myself to be very busy lately- please e-mail me directly if you are unable to reach me via phone. I will soon have an assistant that I will be able to delegate work too; to take some of the load off myself. Then I will be able to do more networking. Looking forward to working together! Well, I hope to hear from you soon I plan on traveling as well so book me early~! Thanks again~! ~*eL*~ *MUST READ BEFORE CONTACTING* First and foremost~ “I am an American Artist. I am exercising my birth right to expressive. I am a professional and shouldn’t be under estimated.” Melissa Wilson ~07 IF you meet the above posted criteria please contact me; know that a 50% deposit of fees and a signed agreement will be required. Not always but a few times; the minority ruins it for the majority and I am forced to be responsible. I am looking to re-define what an American Woman is: Beautiful, Intelligent, Driven and Sexually Confident. I feel that a woman should be able to be as sexually expressive as a man and not judged for it. One thought. . . One Dream. “I’d rather be a woman that voices her mind whether you think I am right or wrong.” Christina Aguilera We may not think the same as you: respect me and I will respect you. ~*Eve Laurence*~ “Prisoner of Dreams”

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