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The Fans vs The Facts

For years now some fan sites claim that porn companies never listen to them. Screw what the market says (sales figures), they need to listen to the people that know … the fans.

So is that really a good idea?

In October of 2001 Apple made the big announcement about the release of it’s new digital device – the iPod. As we all know by now, it went on to be the most successful tech devices of all time.

But take a look at what some die hard Apple fans were saying back then about it. Keep in mind this is about the first generation iPod which was only 5 gg and cost $400.

So next time you hear a bunch of fans bitching on some random website or message board about how stupid porno parodies are and asking why they keep making them, remember this post.

They keep making them because they sell. They keep making them because they sell better than any other type of porno. Well they did. Right now it’s actually all about the Taboo type movies like My Evil Step Mom Fucked My Ass, Mother and Daughter Sex Stories, Teasing My Brother, and Daddy’s Watching.

Anyway the point is, the porn companies aren’t ignoring the fans. They are just making the type of movies that make the most money.

This post doesn’t mean I don’t think fans should have a say, I just want you to keep in mind the bigger picture when you think that companies aren’t listening to you or can’t understand why companies keep making the same type of movies, now you know why.

It’s not that they aren’t listening to you, they are just also watching their sales figures and you know what they say … money talks baby! So as long as those crap ass movies are selling, companies are going to keep pumping them out.






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