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The First Time Ever I Saw Her- Jenna Haze

Was in the Elegant Angel movie, Big Bottom Sadie. Jenna was pretty new to the biz. I wasn’t used to seeing her look- petite, all natural with straight long brown hair. But Patrick Collins is good at picking talent and he must have known from the very beginning how she would capture everyone’s attention. I don’t even think the movie is in print anymore, but you can still find it on the VOD services.

Jenna’s scene opens with her masturbating in the shower with a pocket rocket. It was so real and so sizzling. She was so into it. I got wet instantly. I fantasized about that scene for months. I even reviewed the movie and wrote to Patrick Collins and told him how much I loved it. (The music was amazing too) Patrick was so sweet, he sent me a pocket rocket of my own. I have loved that toy ever since and have been through at least 6 since then.

Jenna Haze rocked it out of the park since the very beginning, and continues to run her business successfully. I wish her wonderful things as she moves on to more behind the camera work, more mainstream work and her magazine layouts and feature dancing. She deserves it.


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