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The Freak Squad- Fact or Fiction


More emails arrive from two trustworthy people in the biz. One (I’ll call “U”) talked to Goodbar around 11:30 am for an hour, and one (I’ll call them “J”)  talked to him at 12:30 in the afternoon both on Thursday.

So Goodbar’s body being found in the morning, as stated by the suicide email I received from Booker (Brent) is now an impossibility since Goodbar was talking to people on the phone that afternoon.

Also “U” told me that Goodbar was pissed about the article on my site written by Mercedez.
Also “J” told me that Goodbar was thinking of killing off his character, but J tried to convince him there were other more appropriate actions to take.

The day went on and I tried many ways to get ahold of Goodbar or anyone involved with The Freak Squad. I was feeling at this point that it was unlikely that he committed suicide, but it was still POSSIBLE. There was so much gossip, so many rumors, it was getting difficult to tell fact from fiction.

Then I got another e-mail from Booker-

Info Please
From: Booker <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]; “U”

“U” From his Dahmein’s Cell fone you were the last person he talked to. Please can you give us some info I know you and i are cool since his surgery in Jan. Was he depress, did he talk about Victoria and Marcus, or anything about his kids moving to another state anything PLEASE
Also Luke is back you were the last person he was on the computer with. PLEASE we need aomething to piece this together cause the family want to know

After I got this I talked to “U”. “U” said, don’t you think if this suicide really happened it would be the police trying to get ahold of us? “U” is a smart cookie, and correct. Just more doubt added to my truth/lies scale, and boy was it unbalanced…


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