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The Freak Squad- Final



FreakShow Planet’s Webmaster Writes-

Similar Name… World’s Apart
Freakshow Planet and The Freak Squad , it’s easy to assume there is some affiliation between these two sites, or to confuse one with the other (as many have), but beyond a five letter word in our name, a tiny bit of cross promotion, and being acquaintances on Twitter, there was never a connection. We were online 4 years before TFS were even an idea. For obvious reasons, we hope that people are clear on this fact once and for all. The only real Freak Show surrounding us is in the name, not in our practices or approach. That fact alone separates us from TSF by light years.
(The Only)


I want to thank everyone who helped me with this story, you know who you are. A special thank you to Nina Mercedez who stood up and got it right before the rest of us even noticed anything was wrong. 

To end this, I extracted a promise from Goodbar the final time we talked (via email) He will not be having anything further to do with the adult industry. So Goodbar is no more.

I hope he finds the health and happiness he is looking for.

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