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The Freak Squad- In the Beginning…



Part 1- Goodbar ran (TFS). (Don’t waste your time going to the site, it’s no longer there) I met him on twitter. I had no reason to be wary of him. He was a nice guy that ran a radio show (podcast) on his site TFS. He was friendly and flirty and warm. We had some mutual friends ( Im not mentioning any names I don’t need to in this story, it’s going to be confusing enough already.) He asked me to come on the show and do an interview. I said “no” for quite a while because I don’t  like doing interviews. But he was still nice and put up a LukeIsBack banner on his site.

When March rolled around I started planning some promotion to do for my new site So when Goodbar asked me again to come on his show, I thougth it would be good practice for me to do a live interview ( taped, but not edited). Because I was going to have to do some eventually. He had one guest interview each week, and called the person Freak of the Week.

Showtime came around and Goodbar & his side kick & I talked for about an hour via Skype. I thought it went pretty well. He let me know when it was up on the site a few days later and I posted about it. The day after he put it up Goodbar told me that he was thrilled with it because he got the most downloads/listens ever. When I asked him how many ( figuring he would say a couple hundred) he said 5000. Sounded really fishy. His little site got 5000 downloads? If I get 5000 uniques on an LIB story in one day, that’s a good story. Made me kinda go hmmm, but I figured so maybe he’s exaggerating. I wasn’t happy about that, but I didn’t think it was a big deal at the time.

Goodbar emailed me often asking for advice, or just to tell me what a great friend I was. A bit of overkill I thought. The lovey dovey emails made me uncomfortable because, we were friendly, possibly friends, but certainly not good friends.

Goodbar told me that he was going to have a contest  for Freak of the Year since the show was coming up on his one year anniversary. He asked me and several other people on twitter to send him the names of some people who would be good candidates. I sent him an email with some names.

He picked the ones he wanted in the contest and put up the poll.  I did a a little story on it on LIB.

The original prize was to be a blue trophy that cost about $200. Goodbar send me a picture of it.  Girls in the contest were promoting it and asking people to vote for them. I saw several links put up on twitter.

Goodbar sent out an email telling everyone that the prize in the contest would now include being the next Loveable doll. Here is that part of the e-mail-

The good people at Lovable Dolls wanted to do a interview with the show and they wanted TFS pick on who their next Lovable star doll be. They Have One for Nina Mercedez, Kimberly Kane and Sunny Leone.  I gave them some ideas plus they will create a doll of the winner of The FOTY.

There was one problem with this prize, the good people at Lovable Dolls never agreed to it, they never even spoke to anyone from The Freak Squad…

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