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The Freak Squad- The Last Word- Goodbar Speaks


I spent hours over the last week or so doing research and talking to people, emailing, tweeting. But I still had no definitive answer. Then I got a glimmer of truth. Someone mentioned that they knew Goodbar was okay, but that’s all they knew. So I changed my tactics, instead of trying to find out if there was a suicide, or a coma,  I would take the opposite approach, that Goodbar was alive and fine, and I just needed to get a hold of him. After some misses and some help I sent an e-mail to a working address and got a response, from the man previously known as Goodbar. He Writes-

Here is my side. The Truth-

I never meant to come off as a jerk or ETC but TFS was a outlet for me to scream with out screaming.
I did the freak of the Year cause i thought it would be fun. I had nothing to gain more to lose.
When I got the info from Nina, I told my Producer to contact the Lovable dolls people to see if they will do a interview and if they would do a scan of the winner since they do that and the top 10 girl were well known so i thought it would be a plus.

She got back to me said it was a go. So i told the girls. But Found out it wasnt true.

Well that was extra stress on my life that i didnt need. So I was dealing with a lot of personal issues that i needed a out of the drama in my life losing my kids, my fiance, always traveling, issues with my Mom so i just said fuck it. I will not go into details cause it has noting to do with what i did.

I have a lot of problems, emotional, personal, so i thought the best thing to do is focus on whats important. My family.

I screwed up hurting people who called me friend but. Mr Goodbar is no longer, TFS is no longer, I need to find a way to love me. I had fun when TFS was around but I’m done and will not look back. I need to find peace with myself, My GOD and my Family.

I did try to hurt myself  that whole issues TFS was the straw the broke the camel back. So i was told that my team got ride of TFS as per as my Parents and mentor. I didnt argue.

So I Fucked up and I will have to deal with it. So to refrain from hurting others. i’m done with it all for my personal healing I have nothing to really say but sorry to Nina, Abs and her girls, freakshow planet, LBI, HSM, TLF, You and many more I need to move on myself for being fucked up and untrue. I hope all will strive to move from this and enjoy their lives.

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