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The Freak Squad- The Prize Problem…


On Wednesday, May 4th I knew that Nina Mercedez was writing up her opinion on the Freak Squad Contest to be posted on LIB the next day.

Goodbar got ahold of me Wed night on Twitter. He told me the reason he thought that he had a “go” from Lovable Dolls was that his producer Skye said she had talked to them and gave the okay. That’s why he put out the e-mail saying that being a Lovable Dolls doll was part of the prize for winning The Freak Of the Year contest.

As always I wanted to put up both sides of the story. I advised Goodbar to write up his side of the story, tell the truth, apologize, and offer a different prize. I told him to send me the email with his story by the next morning.

While we were talking he said he had sent out a retraction to that story already. I told him that I got the original e-mail announcing the prize, but I never got a retraction. He sent another retraction while he was talking to me. Here it is-

Good Evening ladies

I would like to Retract a statement stated earlier
The Freak Squad Has or had any dealing with Loveable Dolls for the contest

The situation was my producer, was given a task to reach out to this company and set up a interview and I ask her to see if they would do the doll image for the winner.

Going by her word as my producer I was excited and inform you all. I didn’t not inform the public since I stated I will not release any information about the prize till the finals

My producer gave me information which was not true.
Skye Thomas is no longer the producer or has any affiliation  for TFS.

Sorry if this was a interest to you.
I feel bad that you were mislead in  that email and I lost a really great friend who gave me the contact over something that I should have manage myself.

If you would like to withdraw from the awards I will understand and respect your wishes.

Mercedez had already withdrawn from the contest. I did not hear of anyone else doing so. But I also don’t know how many people were sent the first retraction, or the second. Mercedez believes she was the only person the first one was sent to. Goodbar told me he would put Mercedez back in the contest. I told him I didn’t know how he could do that because she hadn’t gotten any votes since she withdrew. Here are some of the tweets Goodbar sent me that night talking about the prize problem. When he says her/she he is referring to his producer Skye or to Nina Mercedez I’ve put which one in parenthesis-

I really didnt want to hurt Nina, We would talk about stuff all the time and (s)he was dear to me. I would Give up TFS if that means losing ppl

its like if your head writter told you informtion. you would go behind him u will trust that person. I swear on my TWO KIDS I DIDNT KNOW

I told nina that its like if people have issues at home they wouldnt tell people whats happening. I feel ashamed

Nina is not out she never out i will put her back in she the one who help me start this. She will be in the top ten when it start may 16

also I check the xml file each date of votes nina was # 4 and 5 since it started

i told her (Nina) a story cause i was talking to her and in a interview with baily jay. when i saw that my producer (Skye) was next to me i asked her

she (Skye)  was giving me stories after stories till i finally gotten it out her but nina would not listen it was to late. I needed a producer

(I have) a full time job rnning a community center  single dad, school & TFS. I trusted her she cost me my friendship with Nina, U even TFS

I sent to you. retraction. as someone i respect. what do you think is happening. It was all a fucked on on my team

I sent to 33 girls those are the only emails i had the others i never got their emails all FOTY info was thru email

I just resent to all again I sent to all the girls and the people on the commettee

Coming up “The Suicide”…


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