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The Freak Squad- The Suicide


Early Thursday morning (May 6th)  I posted Nina Mercedez’s story Nina Mercedez is Pissed! My first check of email showed nothing from Goodbar with his side of the story. When I checked again later I had something from The Freak Squad (TFS), but it was from “Booker” whom I had never heard of before. I opened it & found this-

This is Brent Russel
Friend to Dahmein M******
Not Mr Goodbar…… Dahmein
I just wanted to inform you, That The Freak Squad meant alot to this man, and cause of the actions personl and preofessional, The Man I love. He help me get into college and get my life together tried to Committed SUICIDE today. His body was found this morning by his a friend of the family. He locked myself in his car and let his engine run.
You dont know or care but Dahmein was Bi polar and having issues with his EX wife over custody of his kids, Stress and not taking meds for his bi polr and Now this who porn str trying to mke him look like a loser.
I looked through his twitter emails,  and saw you and him where DMing and well, I happy he didnt get to see that blog tht was posted.  Dahmein is a good guy, cared for other over himself but
I hope Ms mercedez is happy that Victoria and Marcus may be father-less because of a stupid mistake.
I’m emailing all he was close with since i kind of worked with TFS as their booker.
I will update all when i get info from the family


When I read this I almost threw up. But after I calmed down I asked a few people I knew if they heard anything. As the day went on, I recieved forwarded emails, notes from other people who got suicide emails. Things got more and more cloudy. The time line didn’t make sense. And the emails from Booker conflicted with those I got from others. Here is another suicide note-

Date: Thu, 6 May 2010 17:43:07 -0400
From: [email protected]
To: *************
Subject: [No Subject]

Dont worry Your stuff will be down
Just in case all you know due to the issues with his ex wife, kids and his health now this shit
The Clown Prince Commited suicide today at 1pm today.
Please pray for his children and his family


 Here is a back & forth Goodbar had with Chizog which casts doubt on things Booker said about time & whether Goodbar read Mercedez blog on LIB, and how does Booker know what Goodbar read?


5/6/10 12:02 AM, <[email protected]******.com> wrote:

Good Evening Goodbar/… please do not add my name to any e-mails like this?
I would also like to let you know I do not want to be a part of your show anymore, so please remove me from any marketing collateral or future plans regarding your show, website or any other affiliation therein.


Date: Thu, 6 May 2010 00:25:30 -0400
Subject: Re: The freak squad
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]******com

I totally Understand Bro
What I tried to tell people
Our producer well ex producer told us she contacted these people and they set out a agreement  and well We found out it was a lie when we saw Nina post.
If you hire a person to do a job you should have to go behind them to make sure they did it.
We retracted this email and announce our hiccup on our show.
We are sorry for the mistake. Hope one day we can bug out but we will respect your wished


I bolded some things for you. Look at the times, the inconsistencies, the errors in grammar.  So his body was found in the morning and it’s a good thing he didn’t see Nina’s post. Then he committed suicide at 1pm. Then Goodbar himself writes a note that says he DID see the Nina post. I was very suspicious of there really being a suicide, but how could I say anything  rude about the situation when I wasn’t sure. Yes, it seemed like an absolute mess and a bunch of lies, but if I was wrong, if there was a suicide, how would i feel having ripped on a guy who was dead? I had a lot more investigating to do.

Next- Fact or Fiction & Did he or Didn’t he? …

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