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The Freak Squad- Was He? or Wasn’t He?


I spent four hours on Twitter Thursday night talking to various characters from the site TFS. Funny thing was most of them talked the same, mispelled the same way, and knew some pretty particular things about mine & Goodbar’s conversations.

I didn’t talk to these TFS people at the same time. I talked to Brent for a while, not getting much but the run around. When I got close and he said a few things maybe he shouldn’t have, he deleted his account in mid conversation. But some smart person took a screenshot before that-



(BTW, I later looked up that picture used on Brett/Booker’s twitter page and it is part of a picture from a family that is posted on a travel site for the Netherlands)

Then I talked to another Twitter person who had TFS as part of their name. At first I was very polite.  I asked simple questions, and the person was writing back, but not answering what I asked.  As I seemed to fish a little deeper and got the person to tell me a few relevant things,  they disappeared and deleted their twitter account just like Brett/Booker did.
Finally I got on with Skye.  She is the one who Goodbar said lied about talking to the Lovable Dolls company and started this whole clusterfuck. Clusterfuck is my word, not his. Skye was angry and aggressive, but she answered  me, I found that being aggressive back seemed to work, so that is what i did. After asking her many times about Goodbar’s health, she finally told me that goodbar was in a coma. After 15 times of asking what hospital he was in, I still got no answer, and she just stopped answering my questions. In the morning, her account was also gone.

Also TFS website was now hidden behind a a white page with an error code.

But at least now I felt like IF there was a suicide attempt, that Goodbar was not dead. IF there was one, hmm and that was the question we all were wishing we knew the answer too. I was still worried. How & Where was Goodbar?

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