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The FSC Parties with Pirates

When the governing body of our industry is out and about, wining and dining with a company who supports piracy, what does that say about our industry as a whole? We are all so quick to jump down Manwin’s throat for their turning a blind eye to the stolen videos on their own tube sites, but what about the FSC? Why are we so quick to excuse them for their own association with the very same activity?

On October 9th Mike South displayed a picture of Diane Duke from the FSC in London. His problem was how much our own donations paid for her all expenses paid vacation to London. What he was basically asking for is an accountability of this organization that claims to represent us and wants donations from us.


I get that, I really do. But to me there is a much bigger problem than just a lack of accountability. At this dinner Diane Duke is there, having a grand ole time with the man from Live Jasmin.

So what’s so wrong with that?

What’s wrong with that is that LiveJasmin directly profits from sites like PlanetSuzy who steals our videos. LiveJasmin advertises on piracy websites … not just illegal tubes either … I mean full blown pirate websites who are offering our entire freaking movies free for download.


Enough is enough!

Seriously, how many things have to come out about the problems and corruption at the Free Speed Cotillion before we as an industry finally wash our hands of these guys? It just confuses me. It boggles my mind that anyone could possibly have anything to do with these jackasses.

I just don’t understand it. I really really don’t.

  • Stop giving FSC your money.
  • Stop giving FSC your support.

I mean come on, after everything else, now they are partying with pirates in London? How is that okay?

They claim to be a “adult entertainment trade association”, but time and again they do things that hurt us. How can you ever possibly justify having anything to do with a site or company that supports piracy? They are supporters of Manwin. We knew that. But now LiveJasmin too?

Enough is enough!



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