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The Fuckery That Is…..The XBIZ Cam Awards #Pt1

The XBIZ Cam awards are upon us…It’s a who’s who of news sources and blowjobs…

With very little effort, We can connect 11 girls to ONE XBIZ employee.  But we can get into that later…

We will start things off with out favorite phony redhead, girlfriend of Jonathan Morgan, and Erika ‘Shrek’ Icon client Lauren Phillips, who received a nomination for Rising Clip Star — Female.

She must be popular and update her various clip sites fairly regularly.

On one of the sites she uses, her last update was October 3, 2019. That’s over 9 months ago for those bad at math. Checking another site she uses to sell clips, she last updated that 9 months ago as well. Fairly regularly indeed.

You know you’re insanely popular when you don’t have to update your sites but once a year and still get a coveted XBIZ nom..

I bet Nexxxt Level is super proud.

Phone rings:

NL: Hello, this is Nexxxt Level Talent Agency, how can I help you?

Yes, This is Bob, I’d like to book Avi Love.

NL: Well Bob, Avi isn’t available , but we do have XBIZ Rising Clip Star Nominee Lauren Phillips.

Bob: But AVI told me she was available and to reach out to you.

NL: She lied to you, never believe a performer who only has XRCO & NIGHTMOVES nominations.

Bob: Is Lauren Phillips any good? I’ve never heard of her?

NL: Dude, she’s so good she got an Rising Clip Star Nomination, without actually updating her clips sites.

Bob: Fine, I’ll take her, but you gotta throw in a coupon for Sizzler.

NL: Done. But don’t tell her about the coupon, she’s bat shit crazy…

Bob: Wait what?

NL: No take backs .. click


The XBIZ Cam Awards remind me of another popular and legitimate award show, the Urban X Awards.

More coming, make sure you check your Google alerts



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