The Great American Spreadeagle

The Great American Spreadeagle

Welcome to the amazing world of discov-her-y channel. Today will be taking you on a naughty adventure into the unknown to observe the majestic and very kinky “spreadeagle” in its natural habitat. We’ve plunged into the depths of PORN.COM to observe the spreadeagle (or spread-eagle). This is bird watching at its finest. It’s important that we keep the spreadeagle around for porn survival.

Some say the national bird if the bald eagle but we think it’s spread-eagle. The spreadeagle is often incredibly mind-blowing. It works full force and will not hold back. In a spreadeagle, pairs often work together in the nest incubating the egg with the what is known as an umcay otshay or cumshot.

The spreadeagle otherwise known as the eadspray eagleway in Pig Latin often hunts for its favourite meal which is pussy or cock and can’t be stopped until it finds it. It can be spotted from a far distance and is immediately plowed and eaten out. This creatures mating habits include loud moans and sometimes screaming. The spread eagle can create quite a mess.

The “spreadeagle” has a span usually up to 6 feet but that is highly unlikely. This majestic creature has been caught on video many times and since it’s highly unlikely you will find them in the wild we have included scenes of the spread-eagle in flight for a birds eye view.

Addie Juniper

Spreadeagle - Addie JuniperAddie Juniper Spread-Eagle, Addieway Uniperjay Eadspray-Eagleway 

This spread-eagle can be found in cities and around your home. They are representative of a life in an urban environment and their breasts are quite large.

Alexis Blaze

Spreadeagle - Alexis BlazeAlexis Blaze Spread Eagle, Alexisway Azeblay eadspray eagleway

This fiery breed of spread eagle is is very active and can take down massive cocks. They can be found anywhere and are always on the hunt.

Karlee Grey

Spreadeagle - Karlee GreyKarlee Grey Spread Eagle, Arleekay Eygray Eadspray Eagleway

This picture shows a very cock-hungry spreadeagle in heat. We can see they enjoy outdoor climates as well! This tight pussy won’t contain herself for very long.

Lexi Belle

Spreadeagle - Lexi BelleLexi Belle Spread Eagle, Exilay Ellebay Eadspray Eagleway

This spreadeagle has attracted a male with rare markings on his skin. These spreadeagles can get into a lot of trouble.

Mandy Muse

Spreadeagle - Mandy MuseMandy Muse Spreadeagle, Andymay Usemay Eadspray Eagleway

This spread eagle is using her gaze to trap a mate. It’s not always that they use this lure but when they do it works quite well.

Gracie Glam and Layden Sinn

Spreadeagle - Gracie Glam and Layden SinnGracie Glam and Layden Sinn Spreadeagles, Aciegray Amglay and Aydenlay Innsay Eadspray Eagleway

These female spread eagles flock in pairs to attract potential male counterparts. They have long leg spans that lure large cocks in.

Maryjane Johnson and Cassandra Nix

Spreadeagle - Maryjane Johnson and Cassandra NixMaryjane Johnson and Cassandra Nix Spreadeagles, Aryjanemay Ohnsonjay and Assandracay Ixnay Eadspray Eagleway

Notice the feather on the female spreadeagle who is looking to spread some love. Colorful markings are common place.

Hayden Hawkens and Elle Alexandra

Spreadeagle - Hayden Hawkens and Elle AlexandraHayden Hawkens and Elle Alexandra Spreadeagles, Aydenhay Awkenshay andway Elleway Alexandraway Eadspray Eagleway

What a beautiful specimen on display for us…

Tasha Reign and Tera Knightly

Spreadeagle - Tasha Reign and Tera KnightlyTasha Reign and Tera Knightley Spreadsagle Flock, Ashatay Eignray andway Eratay Ightleyknay Eadspray Eagleway

These spread eagles are in mating position

Penelope Tyler and Ella Milano

Spreadeagle - Penelope Tyler and Ella MilanoPenelope Tyler and Ella Milano Spreadeagles, Enelopepay Ylertay andway Ellaway Ilanomay Eadspray Eaglesway

Spreadeagles in a rare but not unseen occurrence of female on female mating.

Have you spotted a majestic spreadeagle in your neighborhood? Did the sheer beauty make you stop in your tracks? Don’t worry this is a natural effect.  Let us know about your own spreadeagle viewing adventures in the comments below or on Twitter @worldsbestporn

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