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The History of Vibrators!

NL-The Hitachi is Porn Stars most loved toy and is so mainstream it is sold in Kmart and Sears


    One thing that can get many porn fans in a lather is the use of sex toys in scenes. In the real world sex toys have been a success for the last 100 years.
    Before 1902 the vibrators used by doctors on their female patients were large and cumbersome. They were originally steam powered and sometimes had extras such as music. In 1902 Hamilton Beach , an American company, invented the first take home electric vibrator. It was the fifth domestic appliance to be  electrified and beat the vacuum cleaner and the toaster by a decade. In 1917 more homes worldwide had vibrators than toasters.

    They were originally sold as health and beauty aids but by the the 1920’s and their use in porn films it became clear what they were intended for and they gradually disappeared.  When they came back in the 1950’s they were sold as massagers , nail buffers, back-scratchers and even hair brushes. The Hitachi Magic Wand is still advertised as a massager.
    The first cordless vibrator was patented in 1968. It took about 20 years for these little gadgets to start to go mainstream. Since last year,despite the economic downturn, it’s recognized that the sex toy industry is in very good health.

    People now tend to go out less because they need to save money for the essentials. What to do when you’re sitting at home  either alone or with your partner. The answer lies in the great increase in sales of flowers,chocolates,sex toys and condoms.

    There have been novelty stores selling sex toys since at least the 1980’s. Sales were hindered by the embarrassment factors of having to buy direct and the possibility of bumping into friends. Online stores have helped to avoid this and boosted sales. The toys are often cheaper on the net and there’s more choice.

    All the research on sex toys shows that around half of the women aged from 18-60 who took part in the studies were regular toy users. The market is now increasingly attracting the younger generation as it has a more open sexuality as well as more stress. English women are reckoned to spend more than $300 a year on sex toys.
    One recent British study reported that an estimated 4 million sex toys were sold every year in the UK. By 2020-2025 global sales could be around be around 400 million units per year. This would match the sales of Smartphones now. Global sales could rise in this period from $9 billion to $65 billion .

    So if you want to buy a sex toy what are the trends for 2012? One sex toy store with 8 years experience in the market has the answers.

    Scented sex toys are out as well as those with cheesy pictures of women on the packaging. Buttons on vibrators should be on the side and not the bottom. Vibrators should also be multifunction. Jelly vibrators and straight plastic vibrators are out. Silicone curvy vibrators are in as well as vibrators that warm up.

    Plastic anal beads are out and jelly anal beads are in. Butt plugs with curvy shapes are out and vibrating butt plugs are in. Large jelly probes are out and  straight vibrating probes are in. Prostate massagers are in as well as prostate vibrators. Glittered surfaces are out.

    If you want to buy a present for the man in your life then his pocket pussy could be either black or white but it would have to have pubic hair.

In a century we’ve gone from the Hamilton Beach vibrator to a vibrator for your iPod or to to stimulating devices that you plug into the USB port of your computer. Who know what the next century will bring?

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