‘The Hook’ is the latest sex position

The Porn Dude supports the reinvention of old favorites, and the internet is going into an overdrive over the latest sex position in town; The Hook. Come to think of it; it’s not exactly a brand new position because as you know, human beings have known all the sex positions since times immemorial. ‘The hook’ is, in reality, an incarnation of many people’s all-time favorite: the missionary. You will be glad to hear that the latest sex trend doesn’t turn you and your partner into bedroom gymnasts.

You see, favorite positions are favorite for a reason. Many couples go back to these positions as they work on many levels. But having sex in the same old position can be as monotonous as it is repetitive. How about a twist to an old classic to add a bit of spice in the bedroom and drive your partner wild?

The Hook

What used to be the missionary is now the ‘the hook.’ Don’t get it twisted; we all love the missionary. It is not only comfortable but also easy and effortless, and many people use it way too often. It is even better when it can be tweaked, don’t you reckon?

So how do you pull it off? Good question. The position doesn’t involve too many acrobatics. The lady will be lying on her back with the man on top just like in the missionary position. The twist is the lady will hook her legs up and over the man’s shoulders, resting her ankles on his shoulders. As the man, you will lean over slightly, with your weight on your hands, opening up your legs a bit to straddle her while she will hold on to your thighs to ‘guide’ you.

With the woman’s legs high, it is maximum penetration if you are not terribly well endowed. Your partner may squeeze you to make you feel fuller. Sex expert Tracey Cox has some bit of advice for the ladies: “A good tip to remember for this and other positions: crossing your ankles (in this case, behind his neck) helps tighten the vaginal canal.”

Couples are going wild over the new position as it makes the man feel fuller and bigger inside the vagina, which will make him feel more endowed than he really is. Talk about a raunchy twist to a tried and tested sex position.

Ultimately, being too experimental with sex positions can make some people feel intimidated. So instead of going all out, the hook position offers couples the opportunity to make small changes to an already familiar position to make it even more enjoyable.

Earlier, The Porn Dude reported on ‘queening’ being one of the latest sex trends of 2018. But what other modified sex positions are people resorting to in a bid to elevate their bedroom performance?

Missionary with a pillow

This position is just like the old school missionary, only that a pillow is added under the woman’s hips. You will then part her legs and penetrate her from above, so to speak. Your two bodies will be parallel to each other.

With winter not too far away, body heat is key. This position is ideal for both warmth and intimacy. Because you will be looking your partner in the eye, this position is so damn intimate without placing an ‘acrobatic’ burden on either of you.


One of the many positions where the woman is on top, the cowgirl involves the man lying on his back, while the woman lowers herself onto the man facing him. This position can be pulled off either in the upright, sitting position or lying flat. It’s your call really.

Why should you try the style in August? Well, you are just relaxing, been sun-kissed throughout the summer and probably still in holiday mode. You want to relax and let the woman take the driver’s seat in bed as you say goodbye to the summer.

Modified doggy style

You will be getting into the doggy style with this one, only that this time the two of you will lower yourselves down to a flat position, supporting yourself with your hands or elbows. This is the ideal position for people who love doggy style but with a bit of twist. Penetration from the back is always kinky.

To be honest, doggy style has always been a great idea. The modified doggy style position is even more intimate, which is something you need as you begin to ponder the cold days of winter not too far away from now.

The 68

Speaking of twists, have you tried the 68, a variation of the famous 69? While the 69 involves both partners deriving simultaneous pleasure, the 68 focuses on one partner getting the pleasure of their lives.

To pull it off, one partner will be lying on their back, knees bent and foot flat on the floor. The other partner will lie on the other’s chest in such a way that their genitals almost touch the partner’s mouth underneath.  The ‘giver’ will have all the view and has plenty of room for exploration while the ‘receiver’ will just lie back and enjoy the sensations. When the woman is on top, the guy’s hands can roam in other parts of the body to increase the sensations.


New positions add some spice into your sex life or at the very least keep things in the bedroom spicy. There is no harm in sticking to just a few positions, but why would you do that when there are a lot of uncharted territories to explore? Open your body and mind to new positions and drive your partner crazy.

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