The Hottest Babes on YouTube #2

Here’s the previous list, if you missed it.

Besides pornstars, actresses, and models who use the ‘Tube, there are a lot of hot “YouTubers” out there. I’ve gone through and rounded up some more of the hottest girls on YouTube (in my opinion)… so basically everyone I’m subscribed to. Once again I feel the need to overstate that these girls are human beings, not objects, alright? Can we all agree with that? Just because they are hot, and I’m writing for a porn site doesn’t mean that they want to be objectified. But alas, without further ado, here’s the list, in no particular order.

Jenna Mourey (Jenna Marbles)

If you haven’t seen Jenna Marbles, then you probably don’t surf the internet. What does this goofball do? Anything humorous that she can think, from a tutorial on how to essentially look like a street walker, to showing you how to make boobs look bigger. Here’s the latter.

Milana Vayntrub & Stevie Nelson (Live Prude Girls)

I wrote a post about these two way back when they only had two or three videos. They’re still around, still making vids, and they’re still super hot. Not to mention hilarious. Their style of awkward comedy is perfect. Can’t get enough of Let’s Talk About Something More Interesting! Check it out:

Grace Helbig (Daily Grace)

Every weekday Grace uploads a new video. Most of the days are themed… she has “Sexy Friday”… so there’s that. Grace recently hosted Attack of the Show and interviewed the likes of Will Ferrell and Seth MacFarlane. Informative? Maybe… Entertaining? Definitely!

Taryn Southern

Touch your boobies for any strange lumps! There’s a good message here, too, and it has nothing to do with what’s going on between your legs.

Emily Hartridge

Once again, a Tuber with an accent. Well, we all have accents… anyway… Emily comes up with top 10 lists about… pretty much everything. She also does a pajama dance at the end of her vids. She’s said (thousands of times) she’ll never do porn, and we believe her, so let the record show that this is the closest she’ll ever get to being on a porn site. I don’t think the pajama dance is in this vid, but it seemed like the most logical one to post:

Natalie Tran

A 26-year-old from Sydney Australia. Oh, and she can clone her self. Take a look…

Karen Alloy (spricket24)

Attractive, entertaining, attractive, funny, oh… and attractive. Did I say that already? Honestly I haven’t seen most of her new videos, but she’s definitely funny and worth watching, if you’re into the stuff she talks about.

Rose Ellen Dix

An immature British lesbian who is entertaining to watch, if you don’t get offended too easily. Most of the time she’s on camera with her partner talking about life, and there’s usually a mention of boobs or sex in one form or another.

Justine Ezarik (iJustine)

I felt it was required that I add her to this list. I don’t watch her stuff, I generally find her annoying personally… but the world isn’t about just me, now is it?


Oh, and a bonus for the straight girls or gay men reading: Kassem G! Not what I’d consider a “babe” but I figured he should be added to the list in some form.

In Conclusion…

Disagree with this list? Chime in in the comments and let me know who you would have included! If you happen to be one of the people on this list, and you’d rather not be mentioned on a porn blog, let me know and I can take you off: timk-atsymbol-porn-dot-com (remove hyphens and replace with @ and . where specified).

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