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The Hustler Club gets some love from Banksy

A famous artist from the UK named Banksy, who is currently in residence in New York City stirring up all kinds of trouble, did something that caught my attention. While I admit I’m not normally a fan of graffiti art, this guy really is a genius. During his stay in NYC he hasn’t exactly been a welcome visitor. He apparently has pissed off all kinds of people, not the least of which is the NYPD.

Banksy visits New York

But still he did something on October 24th that really spoke to me. He paid a visit to the Hustler Club in New York and gave it the Banksy treatment. Banksy called it “Waiting in vain at the door of the club” and when all he seemed to have to say about it was, “For those of you wanting to know if this was a permission piece, it wasn’t.” I’m not sure if the art is still there at the Hustler club New York but if anyone is in the area would love a picture or two of it, if it is!




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