The Influence of Sex on Fashion

I absolutely love pornstar style. Nude is a fine choice, but there are also hot lingerie options and kinky styles involving leather, lace and latex. Ever since 50 Shades of Grey came out, people are more and more comfortable with these kinky ideas and celebrities have started to embrace a more kinky pornstar style in public – and let me say – I am lovin’ it. I’m not usually a celebrity gawker (I save my energy for the pornstars) but lately there have been a few outfits that have sent my jaw straight to the floor.

The number one family who has been adding kink into their lives is the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Kim Kardashian is arguably a pornstar, since a sex tape is the thing that sent her skyrocketing to fame before she became a successful entrepreneur and reality TV star. However, her and her sisters have seriously embraced some kinky styles. They have been spotted wearing skin tight latex dresses that would be fitting for the AVN awards, and Kylie Jenner sported some bondage-y lingerie on her personal website shortly after turning 18 in a photoshoot that celebrated her adulthood.

Because of this, more high end fashion designers are incorporating latex and even kinky looking jewelry to their collections. Some companies have necklaces that look suspiciously like BDSM collars complete with ring to attach a leash! This openness towards kinky style is slithering down the chain into affordable items like ready to wear bras and tops. There are lots of strappy things going on that don’t look all that separate from XXX lingerie, such as the strappy bra tops popularized by Alana on the hit comedy show Broad City.

Fashion has a strange ability to present things of a sexual nature without much sexuality added to it. Perhaps it is because the models are usually tall, skinny and without any curves, or perhaps it is because people tend to look at fashion from a more artistic lens. Whatever it is, it is this attitude towards fashion that has allowed kinky pornstar fashion to become more mainstream. It’s also possible that fashion is attracted to kinky things right now because they are still pretty taboo, but slightly more accepted. Bondage is something that can thrill, but it’s not for everyone. However, a latex dress or strappy bra is a much more palatable form of kink that anyone can handle.

I’ll be happy when the day comes that everyone can just walk around naked. Until then, it’s great that people can explore light forms of kink through fashion, and get their fill of the full thing on the porn sites I review right here.

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