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The Jack Jimminy Show begins production on episode 7 this week with Special Cast

Savana Styles, Chris Cock & Veronica Valentine  are just some of the special all-stars set to appear in episode 7 the wildly popular “Jack Jimminy Show” The duo join  regular cast members  Nolan Silverstein, BJ Averell, Sally Mullins, Eddie Whitehead Jr, Jeremy Paul, and  Tom Whalen.

“I love working with Dromebox.” Says respected Actor Chris Cock, “Each show on the network has a different vibe and is unique in its own right.”

Performers interested in appearing on the Jack Jimminy comedy series, please contact Nolan at: [email protected]

Full episodes are available on-demand at

Production Inquiries, please contact: [email protected]

Please direct all media inquiries to: [email protected]

Follow them on social media:  Twitter [email protected],Jack Jimminy @Jack_Jimminy, Sally Mullins – @sullymullins1 and Silvia Saige – @kristinDennisComedy

Instagram and FaceBbook is [email protected],


About Jack Jimminy

Jack Jimminy was born to Richard Jimminy and Sally Mullins on the set of “Who Wants to Be My Baby’s Daddy Vol. 5.” As the child of two of Delaware’s most powerful porn stars, Jack was destined to achieve acting greatness. However, Jack has maintained his career mostly unnoticed by viewers as the feature extra in over 500 films. Jack Jimminy brings a degree of professionalism to his roles that are often ignored by adult film actors. He sews his own costumes, prepares 5-star meals for dinner scenes, and even delves deep into drugs and alcohol abuse for his popular “Charlie Hobo” character in the “Gutter Slut” Series.Jack Jimminy graduated from Detroit University with a Bachelors in Acting and a Minor in Communication. One day,Jack hopes be a mainstream success and to leave the porn industry altogether. Due to rumors that Jack does not star porn because he lost his penis in a bizarre boating accident, he has asked the writers of this biography to clarify that he does, in fact, have a dick.

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