Adult Business

The James Bartholet JB Collection #LiquidCocaine

When I saw this I thought it was a joke.  I soon realized, like an anti-racism APAC segregated pool party, this was a real thing.

Usually, I’m not one to knock a side hustle, like when 1am Doll releases a new 3V Stroker for a girl who has herpes outbreaks every 8 days, I wonder to myself, does it come with blisters and bumps? Or is that sold separately? Like the GI JOE with the Kung Fu grip, it had extra shit you had to buy to get the full GI Joe experience. The point of that was, I keep a lot of shit to myself….

This, isn’t one of those things.

Hopefully, the James Bartholet cologne wasn’t formulated by Dr. Tucker Slain. If it was, it most likely will render anyone who sniffs it unconscious. I can see it now, “Hey Marcus London, have a sniff.” “Why sure mate, lower your neck down, umm smells gooo…”   suddenly poor little Marcus goes limp and falls to the floor, which begs the question, If little Marcus falls, will anyone hear it?

Fortunately for Marcus, James likes to have anal with the ladies, or at last that’s what he claims. The only way to really know is if Marcus wound up with an Urban X award..

I wonder if the “JB” odor will cover up shame? Like when James fools some 18 year old into thinking he’s a legit dude so the girl does a “content trade” with him so she can be a big star. Soon after the girl feels ashamed.  James is like, here sniff this . The girl is like “ok, that smells goooo..” before passing out on the floor. She soon finds herself in the Denny’s bathroom with syrup on her feet and 18 Urban X award noms….




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