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“The Light’s on but NOBODY’s Home” Earl Miller Cash/

Earl Miller Cash runs and I have linked to the site  when reporting on her prison time.

Over the last three weeks I have e-mailed them three times with not one response.

First to the “acccounting” department at Earl Miller Cash, because I have never received an affiliate check from them, and wanted to find out when I would. (It would be for about $150 for 6 months, we aren’t talking big bucks here.) 

Second to the media contact which is “info” because I wanted to use a picture of Janine in my gossip column (in a magazine) and talk about how she had gotten out of jail and of course I would have mentioned the site  I never heard back from them and I didn’t run the story.

Third was two days ago when I wrote to all THREE contacts under support at EarlMillerCash to tell them I wanted to hear from someone/anyone right away!!! Again no answer.

So I have found the support at Earl Miller Cash isn’t very supportive. They aren’t paying me, and don’t care for FREE publicity for their site.

Anybody out there have an e-mail contact with Earl Miller Cash where you actually hear back from a person? Is anyone who is an affiliate receiving/not receiving payments?


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