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The Madame Becomes The Mogul


From the looks of her at the time, one would probably guess that Raylene broke into porn for the same reasons a runny-nosed guttersnipe might break into a suburban home. Her eyelids were heavy and adumbrated and her early Gonzo videos painted her as a jaundiced drug whore of one type or another. Later in her career, she would change this up, either consciously or as the result of kicking a nasty dependency; she would become the happy pothead with the Cheshire grin who runs around praising quirky movies and Cali bud.

Somewhere between 2001 and now, Raylene disappeared. Branching out is not abnormal in adult entertainment. Asia Carrera was perhaps the first when she became the Queen of the Dow Jones. Gina Lynn has been all over the place, investing the money from her sex performances in Gina Lynn Productions, Inc. and Top Notch Bitches Dot Com; she’s now trying to open her own chain of Subway sandwich shops and an adult video store in her hometown.

Expanding your monetary potential is expected. The hard part to understand is the need for anonymity. My old friend Tabitha Stevens was in the business for years when she decided that she wanted to be a Chiropractor. And she did it, quite successfully in fact. But she didn’t use a different name and made no attempts to conceal who she was. On the contrary, she continued to write a column for Hustler’s Busty Beauties for years to come.

So the question arose. In a liberal and hedonistic climate like that of California, why would Raylene keep hush about her roots?

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