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The Max Hardcore Story

Straight writes:

Let me tell you something about Max. Now I’m just a guy that likes porn, but I will tell you something that some people can’t handle. Stop kissing ass and tell it like it is! Max is being served a well earned, porn sized helping of Karma! Now if I had it my way, the Max Hardcore book would end with Chris Hansen, Dateline NBC walking in and slapping the sweet tea out of Max’s hands and LA County Sheriffs rushing and kicking those gapped teeth together before putting him face down on the pavement.

No doubt, Max pioneered a great many things ahead of his time. All the spitting, ATM and rough shit was a staple in Max’s titles long before the rash that hit the market a few years ago. At the same time, Max has wrecked so many women that the industry has lost solid potential talent and it’s fucks like him that truly give porn the sleazy reputation that it has by the general public.

I like how you laid out the decline of “The Cowboy” I reviewed a few Max titles for his previous distributor. These movies were classic status. Out of left field I get emails from “Mighty Max” critiquing my work and telling me to get my shit straight. Now I do take some creative license in the sprit of humor, but I never lie or mislead my readers. Concerned, I thought I would contact the distributor to see if Max was for real. I had a good relationship with this distributor. I emailed him and told him that Max’s attitude and actions were not welcome based on reviews he received. This distributor called me and apologized. He agreed that Max had issues and was an ass. Furthermore he told me that he would like to talk to Max, but he was “Afraid” he’d catch a verbal beating and didn’t want to take it. At that point I asked him, “Why distribute his product?”. That’s whoring on a whole new level if you let a customer badger you just to get a cut of the profits. The sad truth is no matter where Max is, he brings down the value of that company. Now if Red Light signed Max, people would still buy Red Light, but we all know we’d wonder what was up with that, and the “Is Red Light District Dead” thread at ADT would be in full effect.

Eventually, I called this distributor out, because I had heard on more than one occasion that his practices were questionable. Talk about an episode. This cat threw everything at me but his cat. Matter of fact, he even brought his wife in the mix and hid behind her. Now I’m really not trying to stir the pot, so I’m not mentioning names, but I called this years ago. My guess is this distributor was mad because he knew backing max although profitable was a poor long term decision.

I completely understand keeping the peace, but kissing ass is a recipe for a fool. The separation of this distributor and Max was most likely the best thing for this guy. His catalog still doesn’t get much love, but when he stop trying to ride coat tails of the people he distributes and stands on his own, my guess is his product will speak for itself and sales will rise.

Until then, I hope Max goes away and ends up being someone’s bottom for the rest of his life. Now despite the claims that I am “In” the industry, I am not and have never claimed to be. I have personal relationships with people inside and value those as long as I am valued. The story above is to illustrate the type of jerk Max is. As stated other names were left out in the spirit peace. True it might not take Encyclopedia Brown to figure out who it was, but that guy should have thought about it, before he tried to call me out. I would have had more respect if he flat out told me it was a business move, at least then his motives would have been clear and I would be able to tell him now, “I Told You So”. Then again, now I can say, “I Told You When”.

Holly Randall writes on XPT: “His movies make me want to cry and throw up at the same time, but I support Max 100%.”

Drew Parker posts:

We’ve all heard tales told of the young, naive actresses who arrive in Chatsworth looking for fame and fortune only to end up spit upon and reamed out by Max to the point where they quit the business right on the spot.

We are also lead to believe that these young women would have been better off if only Max had followed the unwritten smut peddlers law of distributing the exploitation and pain more evenly instead of in one big ugly blast of misogynistic fury.

Where are these victims now I wonder? Perhaps raising families, attending classes, living life as ordinary uncelebrated humans, or god forbid… working minimum wage jobs back in the same small town they grew up surrounded by friends and family they’ve know since childhood?

Maybe they went right back to the same abusive, self-grandiose lifestyles that spawned their interest in performing porn. Who knows, or truly cares?

Point is they wouldn’t have gotten anything better in the end from RLD or the Randall clan except maybe 5 more years of softer-told lies resulting in nothing but personal financial gain for the porn powers that be.

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