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The Mindgeek Bestiality NO LIST

Over the years there’s always been rumor that one director/porn BF has shot multiple girls with a pet dog…I use the word rumor only because I can’t prove who sent me a dm containing a butt and a dog…

I am not going to name names here because having sex with a dog is illegal , sort of like masturbating on an airplane. Plus this is porn, banging fido is just another day at the office for some..

Unless you’re Midngeek.

I’m told that the dog sex rumor took on a life of it’s own after someone made a social media reference to the animals sexual exploits..

It was at this point a list was compiled by someone at Mindgeek, the list contained girls who had allegedly had some sort of sexual encounter with the dog.. The girls are no longer going to be booked on Mindgeek sets..

One name in particular is huge, the girl is a multiple award winning performer with close to 100 noms and currently sits in the top 12 on Pornhub.

I reached out to Mindgeek about the list,  but have yet to hear back.. But it’s Mindgeek, they could be busy trying to kill lesser bloggers and haven’t had time to email me back.. Luckily for me,  I don’t drive a scooter, so I’m immune to Mindgeek’s hitmen

Good for Mindgeek, taking a stand to protect heir brand and not upset PETA

Call me old-fashion, but I don’t think people should, be having sex with a dog..

Like what If Lassie was licking Gramps ball sack, instead of out on a safety patrol,   she never would of been able to let Timmy know there was trouble at the old mill. What about Air Bud, you think those guys would want a gay dog in the locker room trying to eat ass ? The answer is NO..





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