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The most ADVANCED list of kinks and fetishes (Categorized and updated 2019)

A sexual fetish can be the first or last thing on your mind when you think of having sex as it depends on the type of person you are and your sexual preferences determine your kinks to some extent. Fetish need not be always a sexual thing, but if that drives you crazy with lust, then it is your fetish.

For example, many women and girls would like to have sex with a man or woman dressed up as a teddy bear. Now, there is nothing sexual or kinky about a teddy bear, but if that stimulates and arouses you, then it is a fetish for you.

These fetishes and kinks increase your sexual energy, and you feel more satiated and get bigger orgasms whenever you have your favourite fetish sex. Like Mr Grey of 50 Shades of Grey had a fetish for bondage and BDSM sex you too can have your fetish and there is nothing to be ashamed of it.

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Some people have cute and clean fetishes where numerous people have dirty, kinky and absurd fetishes. There are lots and lots of fetishes that cannot be summed up in one list.

Therefore, we have decided to explore and research on all the types of fetishes and have come up with a list which contains more common or kinky fetishes.

Meaning and Differences of KINKS, FETISHES & PARAPHILIAS


A is for…

  • Abduction – If you feel like kidnapping your lover and making sex to him or her in the most steamy and passionate manner then this fetish is called abduction or kidnap fetish. However, do not try this with a stranger or you will end up behind bars!

  • Acting like a kid – Some people, especially the women have a habit of acting like an innocent baby especially during foreplays and having sex. Such people like to make cute noises like babies, smile innocently at their partners and hug, kiss and lovingly cuddle them just like the kids do. However, one of the partners has to play a mature role in this or else the fun of acting like a kid goes away.

  • Amazonian – If you are the man who likes to get dominated by a real and strong woman, then you have an Amazonian kind of kink. There is nothing to be embarrassed about this as there are many women who like to dominate men in many ways. This fetish also includes the wish of getting nailed in your anus by your woman by using dildos and strap-ons.

  • Autofellatio – Some fetishes are extreme but hilarious at the same time. One such fetish is when a guy wishes to give himself a blowjob. Even though it is practically impossible for most guys some of them have come very close to that without breaking their neck.

  • Armpit – Armpits can smell gross and stinky at times, but some people get turned on by the same smell. These people tend getting attracted to those people who have smelly armpits, and they often end up kissing, licking, caressing and smelling the armpits of their partners during foreplay. 

B is for…

  • Buttocks – Many people, especially the men get turned on by huge buttocks. Such people are more likely to have a fetish about having anal sex as well.

  • BDSM – BDSM refers to the fetish of all those who want to dominate their parent by tying up their hands and legs. This also includes making them subject to extreme pain and deriving pleasure from it. However, weird it may sound but many men and women like to be on both sides, i.e. they either play the role of a dominant or they like to play the role of a submissive partner or both.

  • Biting – Some people get real nasty and start biting their partners (lovingly) during the foreplay. These people have a biting fetish, and it is quite a normal thing which helps you to get naughtier with your partner during foreplay.​​​​

  • Barebacking – Few men and women get turned on more when they have intercourse without a condom. We do not recommend such type of sex even when they are having anal sex as it can spread STDs and STIs.

C is for…

  • Caning – The arousal that one experiences on caning someone comes under this fetish.

  • CBT – CBT is the abbreviated form of cock ball torture. In this type of fetish, an individual gets aroused by teasing and stimulating the male genitals of their partner painfully.

  • Choking – Making your partner struggle to breathe by choking him or her while having sex gives a certain amount of kink to many individuals. Such type of fetish is called choking.

  • Controlling orgasm – If your partner asks you to hold your orgasm on multiple occasions when he or she might have orgasm controlling fetish. It is very different from orgasm denial as in this your partner gives you all the reasons to cum, but when you are close, they ask you to hold it which can get quite exciting if properly executed and done. 

  • Corseting – Some women like to enjoy foreplay or have sex while they are wearing corsets that are laced up tightly. Sometimes it also causes them to gasp for breath which provides a kind of discomfort and painful high to them.

  • Cross Dressing – Crossdressing is yet another weird kink which couples follow while having sex.

D is for…

  • Dacryphilia – Some people get turned on when they see other people, especially when their partner cries. Now you know the meaning when Enrique Iglesias sang “I love to see you cry”. 

  • Denial of Orgasm – Arousing your partner to his or her limit during the foreplay but denying him or her pleasure of an orgasm it called orgasm denial fetish. It is a kind of seductive fetish which fuels the sexual relationship between them.

  • Double penetration – The desire to get nailed by two penises at once is called double penetration.

E is for…

  • Electric shocks – Some kinks are weird, and I have told this before. Electric shocks are traumatic to most individuals, but they also manage to excite and arouse few people. However, such people who get turned on by electric shocks must use a safety device like TENS unit to satiate their kink. A TENS unit is a medical device which is used to treat pain by subjecting the body part to electrical pulses. You can control the intensity of the electric pulses as per your comfort, and therefore it can be used if you do not mind spending a few bucks to satiate your fetish.

  • Enema – A few of these fetishes are dirty and gross, and enema is one of them. Some people use this medical treatment which is used to clean your rectum as a way to satiate their filthy kinks.

  • Exhibitionism – Some couples get turned on while having sex in front of others and this type of fetish is called Exhibitionism. The opposite of this fetish is when you are turned on when you see others having sex and this kink is called voyeurism.

F is for…

  • Face fucking – Face fucking is the pleasure a man gets by thrusting his penis in and out of his partner’s mouth which often leads to emptying his load in or out of her mouth. This fetish is also referred to as throat fucking sometimes.

  • Face Sitting – If you feel like sitting on the face of your partner and ride his or her mouth forcefully (with unsaid consent) then you have a facesitting fetish. This kind of fetish is more common in women, but there are some men too who like to sit on their partner’s face. 

  • Facial hair – Many women get turned on by men who have lush beards and moustaches. This fetish is called fetish for facial hair and is quite a common fetish these days. 

  • Faecal fetish – It is one of the grossest and even gruesome fetish on this list. People who such type of fetish like to play with faecal matter of their partner or any other animal such as dog, cat, etc. This can be a quite appalling fetish for many, but some people do derive pleasure from such filthy things. It is also referred to sometimes as scat fetish. 

  • Feeding fetish – Just feeding someone, sometimes forcefully so that they gain weight is called a feeding fetish. It is a different kind of fetish in which a partner gets aroused on force feeding his or her partner.

  • Fisting – Using a fish to penetrate someone in the anal or vaginal cavity gives many people especially women a sexual high. This type of fetish is called fisting and is a common fetish among lesbians.

  • Food fetish – Some people like to use fruits, veggies and other food materials such as butter, cheese, chocolate sauce and much more during foreplay or while having sex. It is a common kind of fetish for people who are obsessed with food.

  • Foot fetish – Foot fetish or foot worship is the kind of kink one gets while loving the feet of their partner. They love to touch and feel of the feet, and some people also like dirty feet and smelly socks. It is one of the earliest known fetishes which have been in practice since centuries.

  • Furry fetish – Some people like to dress up as a furry animal like teddy, dog or cat while having sex and they also enjoy when someone dressed up like that has sex with them. Such people have a furry fetish and are one of the most loving fetishes on this list. However, do not expect your partner to be always loving and caring when he or she wears furry clothes. They can even get rough during the session so that you both can enjoy more.

15 Most Popular Sexual Fetishes!

G is for…

  • Golden gates – Opening your golden gates to pee on someone is called Golden gate or Golden showers fetish. It is one of the kinkiest kinds of fetish that can irk hygienic people.

  • Grown-up fetish – Some people get turned on just at the idea of having sex with a grown-up, and we cannot blame them for their strange choice.

H is for…

  • Hand fetish – Showing love towards your partner by loving their hands gives a unique kind of sexual kick to some people. Such people have a hand fetish, and it is an adorable fetish too unlike foot fetish which tends to get smelly and dirty sometimes.

  • Hermaphrodite fetish – Some individuals are blessed with both male and female genitals. The feeling to have sex with such individuals is called the hermaphrodite fetish.

I is for…

  • Impregnation fetish – The idea of getting pregnant after having sex, stimulates the sexual desires of many women and men. This kink is called impregnation fetish, and it is one of the most common fetishes as well. 

L is for…

  • Lactation fetish – This is a common type of fetish especially in those men who are crazy for boobs and nipples. Such men often fantasise of drinking milk from their partner’s body, and they are said to have lactation fetish.

  • Long hair fetish – There are innumerable people around the world who get attracted to or get seduced by long hair. Usually, men get turned on by stunning locks and sexy hair, but there are many women too especially the lesbians who fall for long-haired women.

  • Loud fetish – If you tend to let out lots of loud moans and cries while having sex then you have a loud sex fetish. Generally, women tend to have this fetish, but there are many men too who like to get loud while enjoying a rough sex session with their partner.

  • Lycra fetish – Craving to wear Lycra bodysuits or leggings during sex and foreplay is called Lycra fetish. It is also termed as Zentai fetish sometimes.

M is for…

  • Mummification – There are a few people in this world who get turned on by tying up their partners especially while having sex. It is a type of fetish which can also be referred to as bondage fetish as it limits your partner’s body movement completely.

P is for…

  • Playing with fire – A potentially dangerous of playing with fire during foreplay and having sex gives a certain kind of kink to the partners. This fetish can include playing with lighted candles, matchsticks and much more to induce a type of thrill and adventure during foreplay or sex. However, you need not have sex while doing it as there are numerous people who get turned on even when they are playing with fire alone.

  • Puppy play – Some people like to treat their partner like a cute little puppy or a dog whereas some people like to act like a puppy especially during foreplays. Such people have puppy play fetish for sure.

R is for…

  • Rape roleplay – Some couples like to imitate a rape while having sex. This is not actual rape as they have already consented to such type of sex and it is practised only because it gives them a sexual high. 

  • Role play fetish – Playing the role of a specific profession, character or even a creature is termed as role play fetish. There are different types of roleplay fetishes in this world which can range from simple role plays such as a doctor, nurse, etc. to horrifying role plays such as playing a ghost or demon during sex and foreplay.

  • Rough sex – People who get aroused by biting, scratching or torturing their partner by grabbing and handling their body parts roughly are said to have rough sex fetish. However, all these actions are done with consent only for enhancing the pleasures, and therefore one should not consider it as an act of forceful sex.

  • Rubber fetish – An urge to wear rubber pants and clothes while having sex is called rubber fetish.

S is for…

  • Sharp object fetish – There are a few retards those who get a high when they play with sharp objects such as needles, knives, etc. They also tend to use these objects for role-playing while having sex with their partner. Such people do not tend to hurt themselves or their partners, but they just derive pleasure from the risk involved in roughly handling this objects. 

  • Sex toys – Numerous people on this earth like to play with sex toys. However, some of them get aroused at the mere sight of sex toys, and these people are said to have sex toy fetish. These people who are mostly women tend to get a sexual high on handling or watching all the types of sex toy or only a particular sex toy like an anal plug.

  • Sexes with Clothes – Few people like to have sex with their clothes on. Such people should refrain from wearing rough and heavy clothes as it may be a cause of discomfort to both of them.

  • Spanking fetish – This fetish is similar to rough sex fetish, but in this one, a man or a woman derives pleasure only by spanking the ass cheeks of their partner. This spanking can range from seductive and playful slaps too hard thudding spanking or even the help of leash or belt for doing so. However, you need to take your partner’s permission before doing so. People who enjoy getting spanked also come in this category of fetish.

  • Stranger infatuation – Many people get attracted to strangers easily or think of having sex with a stranger. Such people have stranger infatuation fetish, and it also includes people who get sexually attracted and aroused when they see people from other cultures, nationality, and religion.

T is for…

  • Tattoo fetish – When someone gets aroused while getting tattoos or while drawing tattoos on somebody then such people are said to have tattoo fetish. This fetish also includes people who like to or dream of having sex with tattooed individuals.

  • Tickling fetish – Some people get aroused when tickled whereas some people get turned on by tickling others. Both of these types are called tickling fetish which is perfectly natural and safe.

V is for…

  • Vampire fetish – Acting like a vampire or a victim of a vampire during sex and foreplay is called as Vampire fetish. However, do not drink or allow your partner to drink your blood in this case. 

W is for…

  • Wax play – In this type of fetish the couples derive kinky pleasure by playing with molten hot wax. Dripping hot wax on the genitals of their partner is a more extreme form of wax play fetish. However, one should ensure that the wax does not get too hot or you will end up with burn marks on your skin.

  • Wrestling fetish – Dominating and playing with your partner by showcasing each other’s wrestling moves is termed as wrestling fetish. It is a common fetish which has been around since ages.

Y is for…

  • Yoga fetish – Though Yoga is ancient science of meditation and getting into certain body postures for fitness, Yoga fetish is a modern fetish in which a couple or lovers get intimate to each other by performing Yoga postures in tandem or over each other. It is an extremely sensual and seductive kind of fetish, and many people in this world get turned on even when they see someone perform a perfect yoga pose.

Conclusive Thoughts

These were some of the kinkiest and most common types of fetishes in this world.

These are only a few as there are countless other fetishes which you might have not even heard of. If you have a particular fetish let your partner about it and you can surely add a new dimension to your sexual life you both are comfortable in doing that.

Hope you like the information and please do not forget to share your fetish with us.

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