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The Most Popular Website in the WORLD! Lukeisback? Nope…

NL- Well if it can’t be mine, I am glad it is one of my good friend’s sites. Vicky Rules!



As a lot of you know I am pretty much an adult industry outsider – I do my own thing on the web, exclusively.  I shoot my own stuff, throw it up on the net and hope you support it by joining my network.  I never really cared about working with or for companies and after starting the Vette Nation Network of websites a couple of years ago with zero support from the ‘porn establishment’, I kind of figured any mention of ‘lil ol me would disappear.  However, 2009 has been an awesome year for a lot of reasons.  I was nominated in February by industry leader XBiz for WebStarlet of the Year, then in June I was nominated for Star Website of the Year by the FAME Awards…. now I hear that – a cool site dedicated to tracking popularity of adult stars around the world has named my site THE MOST POPULAR STAR SITE IN THE WORLD based on things like amount of visitors in the world who click on the site etc.

Here is the link to the announcement.  If it does not work for you, go to XBIZ dot com and look up Vicky Vette.

I am truly stunned when I look at the hot names in the business that named us the most popular.  Yes, the Network of sites is getting bigger  With awesome girls like Deauxma, Sunny Lane, Sara Jay, Britney Brooks, Sasha Sparks, Michelle Lay, and Shanda Fay running around in camo how could it not? Ha ha. But in all seriousness, I kind of was worried that when I started the ‘Vette Nation Army’ – with girls having sex to military music and calling themselves things like ‘Capt Caboose’ – that we were gonna be laughed out of the business.  In truth, we are getting this recognition because of one thing only – YOU GUYS.  We go directly to you.  If you did not support us by visiting the websites, joining up ‘for duty’ and coming to camshows and other live events, there would be no VNA, no girls in camo, and our alternative to corporate adult would disappear.  We have what I like to think is the best adult community on the web.  When you join you of course get all the adult you can handle but you also get a whole bunch of interaction with everyone in the Network… we really do become friends with our fans and luckily you keep coming back.


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