The Most Realistic Sex Dolls Ever Made

The Japanese have always have had a long standing obsession with sex and sexual fetishes. There is a huge market for these “Sex Dolls” and even have their own magazine called “I-doliod”. The magazine showcases photos shoots of mainly doll-on-doll porn.

i-doloid Love Doll Magazine


An unnamed 50-year old businessman was so messed up after his girlfriend broke up with him so he contacted an adult toymaker named Diego Bortolin to have a replica of his ex-girlfriend into a life size sex doll. He paid over S$20,000 for the doll. He supplied images of her and requested that she have her breasts and butt enhanced. The final product is completely flexible and can be and positioned just like a real person.

Bob and Lizzie, a British couple with the world’s largest collection of sex dolls. The couple has more than 240 life sized dolls, but unlike most people, they don’t use them for sexual pleasure. They live with the dolls, eat supper, hang out.

This is Alicia by Sinthetics.com. Sinthetics is based out of Southern California and create life size, anatomically correct sculptures with attention to detail and realism. They create each Sinthetic doll by individually handmaking them with their talented team of professional.
Details about Alicia: Body 1H, Alicia head, Dolce skin tone, Wig F2 Brunette, Painted eyebrows, Deep Brown eyes, Asian Night eyeliner (no lower lashes), Winter Sky eye shadow, Rum Runner lipstick, Removable Honey Pot Insert, Full Brazilian (shaved) pubic area, French manicure & French pedicure


Just hanging out at a Sex Doll Convention.

You might not think about parts on your new sex doll wearing out.
I know, weird right! But here are some accessories.



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