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The New Hollywood Madam

Kenny Gallo writes:

All this talk about the LCN is funny. I just thought I would write about another NY operator to kind of break the pace.

This person pulled down millions of dollars a year and never paid the LCN shit.. (Yeah they have NY locked down)

This was no sophisticated crime group. This was a Jewish girl from Bakersfield California.

Yes while guys in Brooklyn struggle to make rent, Michelle Braun aka Nici of Nici’ and Bella of lived a life like princesses.

She had the best homes and the best cars. She traveled the world. She even upgraded her husband. From a one time music executive to a fallen Baseball/Radio DJ, then male Escort. She spent thousands on plastic surgery enhance her body.

She has been sending high end call girls to NYC for over 10 years. They would make over 20k a night. She picked up the pieces when went down. She started send multiple girls to NYC on so called “Tours”.. She let the cocaine got to her head and she thought she would never go down…

She is busted. Lets see how this story plays out. Many people in Hollywood should be scared. She was the new Hollywood Madam..

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