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Marketer Joe Brandi mass emails:

Hi everyone,

After a whopping 3-4 hours sleep last night I woke up fresh this morning and able to think straight. Last night was pretty intense and the overwhelming support by our employees, fans and industry people was truly incredible.

For those of you who do not know me allow me to introduce myself. My name is Joe Brandi and I am now Head of Marketing/ VP of KSEX. Its a great sounding title I hope you like it ; )

To give you all a brief background on myself, I was a Financial Advisor for over 10+ years in the NY area. I have run some of the biggest brokerage firms in Long Island and have trained hundreds of people in how to succeed in the financial world. For the last 5+ years I have been, in some capacity, doing online marketing which includes building websites, search engine optimization, hosting, traffic etc. Two of the businesses that I own that you may be familiar with is Heat Party Radio and Adult Hearsay…more on that later.

After being burnt out of the markets about 5 years ago I somehow made my way to the adult industry after meeting ex-KSEX jock Keri Windsor from a small website that I created. I started having events on the East Coast for the industry ( I ran the Erotic Expo in NY after events, Showtime’s Family Business Premier Party etc., ) which led me to meet Ron Jeremy thru Keri. One thing led to another and close to 5 years later I became a publicist for some of the biggest adult industry entertainers and companies on the net. I have worked for companies including Booble, Gent World, XTube and many more. I also produced and directed a few films here on the East coast. I believe I now present a complete package to KSEX and can turn this company around very quickly. Actually…I guarantee it!

There is alot going on right that you do not know. The new community website that we are creating will and can very easily compete with the likes of Xpeeps, Xfans etc.I am creating not only a full community but a way for adult industry publicist to be able to post their news in a blink of an eye. It will also allow for conventions like AVN, Erotica LA etc to be able to advertise their information as well. The bottom line with that is that my vision is to create the CNN of the adult industry. The website when completed will hopefully blow you away. I am also creating a way, which I will show you all later, with a new affiliate program for you all to be able to make a few bucks more each month.

For example, Rebecca Love in her My Space page alone has 1633 friends. If just 5% of those people she gets to sign up on KSEX she could be making close to an extra $1000 a month. Yes…trust me it is this simple and people will want to be on a website where they can interact with pornstars on a daily basis. There is no other website on the net that has what KSEX will offer. NONE ! You all need to be active on the website. Make a few posts, comments etc. The more active the website is the more people will want to tune in and interact. I have transferred the entire message board database over so when the site is ready to launch all 2800+ members will be able to log into the community with their username and password that they have now on the KSEX site. ( Oh and we will be having major prizes monthly for active members )

Traffic and memberships to the new site should not be an issue. We will be buying over a half a million hits alone to the website and I have worked out deals with a few companies to provide us with traffic and help promote us. One company is XTube who gets over 3.5 million hits per day to their website. They will be creating a KSEX video channel that we will be uploading videos to which will link back to There’s alot we are going to do. Our community will also feature a UTube like website that members can upload videos too as well. The more videos we have the easier this is to advertise KSEX as each video will link back to us and also be watermarked.( If you have any videos please upload them when ready.)

Something that you all need to do is to stop saying KSEX For those of you who have not figured it out yet KSEX is not a radio station and the name makes no sense and does not indicate that we have a streaming TV station here. The proof is in the pudding with such low listeners and memberships. This is and all references should now only be made to that name please. The old website does not even say anywhere in the first 3 pages about live video or TV????????

Which brings me on to radio….

Heat Party Radio has been taken over by KSEX and starting June 1 we will have a 24 hour internet radio station…which will be called …..KSEX Radio ! ; ) We already have programming which when the TV shows start at KSEX will play the audio version and I will provide you with the KSEX Radio schedule later.

So far you have 2 KSEX entities..The KSEX Community and KSEX onto the bigger news…..

KSEX TV is going to pay per view TV in the next few months. For the last week or so I have been structuring a deal with them and the paper work is all about complete. It will be shown in, I think the numbers are, 19 Million homes, hotel rooms etc per month. What this means for you is simple. Possible higher monthly salaries, health benefits etc. The larger this company grows the more we can do for you..its that simple. As you all know exposure is king and hopefully this will also open the doors for you in areas you never thought where possible. But that is a few months ( 3-4 ) away…along with High Definition KSEX TV. Lets concentrate for now on the present.

We have a new studio that is state of the art and a brand new Programming Director in Lorraine. We are already headed in the right direction. Give her the respect she deserves as she will be running the station on a daily basis in CA. We are more then confident and do not doubt for 1 second that she can do this. She will help bring KSEX to the next level. She knows the company inside and out and is well liked in the industry and the KSEX family. The moves that have been made in the last 24 hours should prove to you that we plan on making this company work and failure and mediocrity will not be accepted any longer. Having a membership based website with under 100 paid members and an average of 10 people tuned in is ridiculous. It was time to realize that KSEX was non existent outside of the adult industry and the previous system failed dramatically no matter how much “magic” was supposed to appear. This is business 101. Losing money = failure ….and that is not accepted any longer.

I’m sure you will hear on other ends another side of the story. The bottom line so we are clear is this. The company has been losing money month after month but everyone has been paid. Previous management did not do their jobs and they have been replaced with a group that can. Everyone makes excuses. “My hands where tied, I couldn’t do this…I couldn’t do that”. Honestly that is all fluff. I will not get into a battle of words as this is not High School, I’m too old for that and don’t have the time. The only thing on my mind now is moving ahead in the right direction with you.

So again, thank you all for your kind words and support and if you need anything feel free to contact me directly. KSEX is about to explode !


Joe Brandi

PS: I have taken down the forums and top stories from the KSEX site as someone posted a photo of Lorraine with a very immature text going over it and also wrote an article insulting KSEX and its owners regarding the release of the former employee signed by the persons lawyer. All forums will go back up shortly after all access to the site has been blocked and is secured. Again…this is not high school and that will not be tolerated

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