The Newest Sexual Orientation: Pornosexual

Towelroad is a site that focuses on everything gay, but I recently read an interesting article there in my searches for anything about internet porn, and I want to share the details with you. The article details a new sexual orientation called pornosexual, which is people who like to watch porn more than they like to have real sex. I wouldn’t say that I necessarily fall into this because if I could ever stop watching porn, get out of the basement and into the real world, I would love to get my hands on some hot, fresh pussy, but it’s hard seeing as I love to spend all of my days reviewing porn for my loyal readers. So, maybe I am pornosexual!

Of course this article portrays pornosexual like it is a bad thing, but honestly, I think it is a good thing. First of all, not meeting random strangers for hooking up is a whole lot safer. You don’t have to worry about encountering weirdos who might not be trustworthy, and you don’t have to worry about your sexual health either. In addition, as detailed in the article, you don’t have to put yourself out there. You get to protect your emotions and you don’t have to be vulnerable at all. Plus, there’s no fear of rejection, so you can just watch porn until something comes your way that you know is a sure thing! Pornosexuality is different because it’s the first orientation that is not based on how you are attracted to another human, so some people might say it’s gender neutral which is quite forward thinking for these days.

How do you know if you are pornosexual? Well, there are a few ways. If you prefer masturbating to porn over having sex with another person, then you might be pornosexual. If you have a hard time getting your sexual engines started unless porn is involved, you might be pornosexual. If you’d rather just click your mouse and point your browser towards some porn than go through the horror of finding an online dating site, then you’re probably pornosexual.

The term pornosexual is a great one. People get to have all sorts of words to describe how they are these days, so why shouldn’t porn fans get their own? There’s asexual, demisexual, bisexual, pansexual, heteroflexible, queer, homosexual, and now there is pornosexual! What a great celebration of everyone who loves porn. Don’t let conservative critics make you feel like your love of porn is a bad thing. Embrace yourself and let your freak flag fly. Sure you probably shouldn’t tell your parents or boss at work about your newfound sexual identity, but, it’s great all the same!

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