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The Next Celeb Porner?

Nikki Ziering?

Macho posts on XPT: “Rumored to have inked a deal with good friend Jewel D’Nyle.”

Dean Wormer posts: “Doubtful that it will happen. Jewel said that Nikki’s mom threatened to disown her if she did porno. If it is actually Nikki who they’re talking about. Jewel hasn’t said who the celebrity is so it’s all speculation.”

Desert posts:

LL has all the makings of a promising porn candidate.

Her mainstream career is right down in the toilet. Even prior to her arrest this morning, her future scheduled films had to be canceled because no insurer was willing to assume the risk of issuing a required performance bond to cover the potential losses in the event she fails to show up.

Barely a week out of rehab for the second time, she just celebrated her 21st birthday. And since leaving rehab she has so far been booked twice for DUI and also faces charges for hit & run, driving on a suspended license, cocaine possession and transporting a narcotic into a custodial facility. Both the latter 2 charges are felonies.

SpongeBub posts: “Sure, LL would be a great porn chick but come on – most girls do it for the money. Surely, LL has money managers in place to protect the millions she has earned so far, despite her so-far world-class poor judgment. And remember – America loves a comeback. She’s young enough to really fuck up big-time and still win an oscar in 5-10 years. Yeah, it’s a longshot but stranger things have happened.”

Smartt posts: “My bet is on Britney Spears. She already worked under Greg Dark, so it’s a heck of a good start.”

XVod posts:

Dude, Lindsay Lohan has been nothing but a huge drain on her finances. $50K a week at Promises set her back $300K alone just the last time she went in. She spends money like she’s printing it, except nobody will hire her. She’s got huge overhead – PR people, managers, lawyers, dipshits just sponging. By the time her trials are over, if she is lucky enough to stay out of prison, she’ll be doing the BK because the lawyers will bleed her dry.

Take a chick, who’s used to millions, who’s got no way to make a dime, that spends like a muther-fucker and you’ve got the perfect porn candidate. Mark my words and archive this thread, within 2 years Lohan will be getting banged on film for a studio like Vivid, Wicked or the likes.

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