The Original WWF Divas!!!

The Hottest Old School Wrestling Divas

Ever since I was a kid, I was in love with the sport that revolves around the “squared circle”.  I remember being 4 or 5 years old, waiting WAY past my bed time to watch Saturday Night’s Main Event.  I can even go as far to say, that the first set of titties I’ve ever dreamed of, were that of the female wrestling managers or personalities within the sport.  Somewhere down the line, I fell out of love with wrestling as the sport became much more entertianment then competition and the scripts just got worse over time.  But that’s neither here nor there.

The ladies back in the day, that were affiliated, had assets that could not be reproduced today.  They understood the business, took the bumps the guys took, and started out in a world predominantly cared for by men.  It was harder back then for the females to get into the business, then now.

In my time over the eras of wrestling that I’ve paid attention to, a few women come to mind, that I was just head over heels in love with.  As I did my research for this post, to my surpirse, all of these women, are either hooked on drugs, doing porn, playboy, or dead.

Take a look at how bad Missy Hyatt was in her interview skills when she was signed to WWF.  Vince McMahon had seen her on WCW and UWF wrestling and thought she would be the biggest thing in wrestling outside of Hulkamania.  If it wasn’t for her shit interviewing skills, he may have been right.  She last in the WWF for about a whole month or two and then was released where she went back to UWF, and then eventually WCW where she became who she is.  We’ll talk about her in this editorial piece. I have to mention she is my favorite out of all the women of wrestling.



Ok… I admit it.  Back in ’88-’89, I was a huge Missy fan.  Easily, she was the most attractive woman in wrestling, in my opinion.  I was surprised to see her pop-up in ECW in ’95, and she still looked good, though definitely NOT the Missy Hyatt I remember from those Memphis/Birmingham days.  Or that of the limited time she spent in WWF and then consequently released over her poor interviewing skills.

When word of her book first began to circulate, I was interested…The book starts out with Missy discussing her early years as a fan of the sport.  She became hooked at the age of 17, after passing by a TV that her dad was flipping channels on.  She saw a glimpse of Georgia Championship Wrestling and told her dad to go back.  She ended up watching the rest of the program and was hooked from then on.  (To me this is the coolest thing ever!!!  Hottest women of the 80’s LOVED wrestling.  Too cool.)

She began to go to live shows as often as she could, and by hanging out and eventually selling programs, she met Jake Roberts, whom she began to date.

Missy describes her early days in wrestling, going a bit in-depth about her feud with Sunshine.  It’s pretty common knowledge what eventually happens from here.  Missy and Tatum move onto Bill Watt’s UWF, where Missy ends up with Eddie Gilbert.  The book goes on, covering her stay in the UWF, her brief flirt with the WWF, then Memphis, Alabama, WCW and finally catches up to recent events with ECW and the various indies. 

There are pictures throughout the book and it’s amazing to note the change in Missy’s appearance.  I wish I could say that the Missy Hyatt who was so attractive in 1988, is still the same so attractive Missy Hyatt in 2002. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case and the photos in the book show examples of that.  Too much plastic surgery took away the Missy I remember.

But fuck it, she’s still hot as fuck.  But in a porn way. See if you can decipher the different eras of the fabulous MISSY HYATT!!!


ABOVE: A great pic of both, Missy Hyatt,

and Sunny (Tammy Lynn Sytch)



If you know the behind the scenes in wrestling then you MUST know the story behind Sunny.  How she’s been in rehab 5 or more times for drugs and alcohol abuse, her up and down relationship with the love of her life, Chris Candito and how she screwed him over by cheating on him with Shawn Michales when he left the road for a few weeks to heal up some injuries.  When Chris passed away, the guilt she held onto from her days of sucking Sabu off in a boiler room, all the way back to the rumors of her and Bret Hart even, the Sunny days were definitely over, and all that was left were bad memories and regrets.

Check out the “Shoot Interview” with Sunny, and you can see for yourself what kind of a mess she’s been left in, and the pieces she’s currently picking up.



When she made her debut in wrestling she came in with an enigma named Goldust.  The beauty of this angle was, she had been married to Dustin Rhodes, who not just played the Goldust character but is also the son of the American Dream, Dusty Rhodes.  She smoked a fat cigar and stood outside of the ring watching her man wrestle and it was the hottest thing on T.V.  She didn’t have to do shit, just stand there, and poeple tuned in each week.  As the story goes, her and Dustin inevitably broke up, over the business (no one stays together in wrestling, just ask Hulk Hogan).   But it wasn’t the end of her wrestler romance, she ended up with extreme hardcore legend, New Jack.  Well they too broke up.  Why?  See for yourself, New Jack posted these comments on his facebook page.  Pretty impressive stuff if I say so myself.  Talks about how she had Herpes since she was 18 years old.  And a whole helluva lot of other stuff.. Eating ass to be specific!

Notice how much New Jack sounds like Samuel L. Jackson too!!!



One minute this thong showing hottie is with Matt Hardy, and then exactly like Sunny, she stays on the road, when her man Matt goes home for a few weeks to nurse some injuries.  Well when Matt Hardy goes back to work, the whole locker room is talking about Lita and Edge.  This is the life of a professional wrestler.  It’s what happens.  Simple as that.  If you both are in the business, the business will fuck you up-bigtime.

The craziest part about wrestling is, once King Vince McMahon hears about the love triangle he offers them all more money then they can handle and they go public with the triangle and have the WWE creative writing team develop a soap opera storyline that is too fucking real and were told to “sell” it the same way they were selling it backstage.  So they all signed a waiver and went with it!!!


SABLE (Lesnar)

Once married to Marc Mero a.k.a Johnny B. Goode of WCW, left him for a bigger man, by the name of Brock Lesnar.  Not much to say about her, since she’s had a squeaky clean record other than the Playboy shoot.  So without further adieu, check out the lovely Sable.  She is grand!



“Sensational” Sherri Martel died at the age of 49.  Which is sad, since I remember her as the WWF women’s champ and then later transitioning into management.  Specifically with Randy Macho Man Savage, and then later Shawn Michaels.  She stayed with champions.  She knew who the champions were going to be, she knew talent and charisma when she saw it.  Because she was also talented and charismatic.  And you might disagree, but she was sexy as fuck too.



From the early years, quite possibly the most famous woman in pro wrestling has to be the ex-wife of Macho Man Randy Savage, Miss Elizabeth.  Unfortunately miss Elizabeth is no longer with us either, (neither is Macho Man for that matter.) she died May 1st 2003.

Best known for being Macho’s manager, and then managing the Hulkster for a limited time, before heading back with Macho, then joining the N.W.O in the 90’s when the Monday Night Wars between WWF and WCW happened.

The story goes like this….  When her and Macho divorced, she started dating Lex Luger.  Remember him?  Well Luger was on top of the world, and loving every minute of it!  He was living with his wife and kids in a lovely home that his wrestling career paid for, all the while housing a 2nd life across town with his live-in girlfriend, yes, the lovely Miss Elizabeth.  Well, as a guy with a rip off name from a superhero villain would do, he kept his other life secret from his wife and kids, fully believing that he can balance the two lives, similar to Clark Kent/Superman.  Yet this is real life, and not the wrestling script he believed to be true.

Here’s how it all unfolded:

So if you didn’t watch the video above, let me just give you a quick recap.

Lex Luger was living with Miss Elizabeth and they were partying, doing drugs together and drinking, when Elizabeth had overdosed, and died in her lover, Lex Luger’s arms.  He called 911 (they play a clip in the video above) and basically was forced to oust himself in his cheating ways.  Ruining his life, and his families life.  What’s a guy to do  afterward to bounce back you may ask?  Easy.  Accept Christ into your life.  It’s just that simple folks!



Here is a Tribute to the Top 10 Wrestling Divas of All-Time

(although I’m not so for the recent divas that are included, I’m a freak for the old school.  Like I said, Sherri Martel to me, is hot as fuck!  So what’s that make Trish Stratus?)


And finally, we will end on a positive note.  This has nothing to do with divas, but has everything to do with wrestling.  He is the ultimate crazy psycho, that lives up to every wrestling stereotype.  Every single wrestler has a story about him.  A crazy one!!!  So, if you ever meet a professional wrestler of the old school class, and you’re looking for an “ice breaker” to talk to them about something, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ask them for an Iron Sheik story.  Almost every one of them have one, and almost every one of them would oblige by telling you their encounter.  They rule.   Get ready to laugh your fucking asses off!!!

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