Adult Business

The President Of APAG Speaks

As the newly elected board for APAG. Adult Performer Action Guys, not in any gay way  We promise the following:


No matter how many elections come and go, me and my board will always find a way to stay in power.

If there is a headline, we will find a way to insert ourselves, even if we have no fucking clue whats going on.

If need be, we will shamelessly take your money and march on Facebook, knowing full well nothing will happen. But rest assured we will ask you for more what we do here at APAG.

While we know this is volunteer, we at some point expect to paid. Hence. we shall always stay in office

We promise to break laws, do whatever it takes to keep our positions, including, but not limited to:

  1. Not having real elections
  2. Lying about the number of votes
  3. Not being forthcoming about how the elections work
  4. Changing the term limits to fit out needs

Below is a list of board members. most of them have been locked up, few have any real porn experience, but. we gotta keep up with the Evans’s

Things we WON’T do

  • Suck dicks to pay our bills
  • Be honest
  • Have bowling parties disguised as meetings
  • Take bribe money from AHF
  • Help politicians destroy porn


Behold, the Greatness that Is, APAG

President TRPWL

Vice President Bosco, a different Bosco, not that fake dog

2nd VP my buddy Jim, he sells cars and is also the membership coordinator

3rd VP Ron Jeremy, he doesn’t know he’s the 3rd VP, again. keeping with with Evans’s

Treasurer Jeffrey Skilling,  a very skilled money guy. he’s sure to use all dues wisely

Back up Treasurer, Bernard Madoff. he’s currently on temporary leave

Sgt at Arms, currently vacant, awaiting on the appeals court to overturn Juan’s conviction

We here at APAG will update you weekly with all the work we are doing

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