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The PWL Info is Available, To Your Lawyer


The PWL Database
A dumb bitch wants me to publicly post the whole PWL Dbase online for ANYONE to download…including her, Fat Tara and anyone else with a hate agenda. It’s NOT GONNA HAPPEN. However, if you have been a victim of PWL and have an attorney, have your attorney email me and I will put your attorney in touch with my lawyer handling the PWL/Poster lawsuit. email [email protected]

Of course the archives of this site have pretty much the most damaging posters out there, with IPs, and lots of their posts. That’s how all the “I’m sorry” emails started coming in. But I’ll play along and pretend none of those posts ever happened.

If it was a simple as giving it away, I would have already done so. The wikis alone contain so much personal info that given to the wrong person could create even more problems. It could create an issue for me legally since I’m one of the people in possession of the dbase.

A drunk bitch once said, “I want legal closure!!” Well, you will soon get it…

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