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The Randalls On TV

Holly posts on XPT:

This Tuesday night (June 19th), on the WE channel (it’s a cable channel, check your local listings) my mom and I are appearing on an episode of “The Secret Lives of Women” at 10 PM Pacific Standard Time. There will be a promotional teaser for the show on Insider at 7:30 PM on KCBS (Channel 2 here in Southern California) this Monday night.

I am rarely on TV (I can’t actually recall ever being on a show here in America) so I’m a little curious and nervous to see how it turns out. I do know that they had my mom and I do these kind of “turn to the camera” shots, (they call it the “hero shot”) which I felt enormously cheesy doing. I hope it doesn’t translate that way on the show. Anyhow I’m sure it’ll be mortifying to watch myself on the small screen, so tune in and enjoy my acute embarassment.

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