The Real Story On The Christian X Phoenix Marie Split

I sat on this for a few days and it may well be the story behind the split, not that anyone gives a rats ass but read on and see why it’s entertaining.

“Flamethrower” sends me this:

“Hey Southpole I just had to tell you about what happened last Friday night. I work as a bouncer in a well known gay bar in Vegas.  That’s right, I’m a flamethrower. Well I’m at the club and guess who shows up, alone?  Yes, your buddy Christian XI heard from some friends of mine later that Phoenix was also in town hanging out with some other people and that she wasn’t exactly thrilled that Christian was trolling a gay bar and wouldn’t let her come with him.”

The last Friday Flamethrower is speaking of would have been two Fridays ago, looks like he was onto something, as Christian and Phoenix have announced their break up and she has him on her no list….

OK Christian, ya finally made my site.

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