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The REAL truth about Jon Dough

Jon Dough was known as the Ultimate Ladies Man and in August of 2006 he ended his life. Why people can’t just leave well enough alone is beyond me. But today I have to stand up and say I’m not really on board with people saying things that are probably not true. See the thing of it is … we have no way of knowing they really are true. And the person who people are spreading these rumors about can’t defend himself, BECAUSE HE’S DEAD. Can’t we just let the man rest in peace? Seriously?

Today Mike South posted a short story that simply put claimed porn legend Jon Dough was HIV positive and that’s why he killed himself.

From Mike South:  What Really Happened To Jon Dough. He was a popular performer for many years, a laid back guy that most everyone liked.  His suicide took a lot of people by surprise.  Now thaty may have a better understanding of the what happened.Jon Dough committed suicide 1n 2006, his wife at the time Monique DeMoan broke the story to AVN. What nobody reported and The FSC, AVN and AIM kept VERY quiet was that John Dough had tested HIV positive three days prior. It came up recently in a GFY thread so I felt the record should probably be set straight

So is that true? Was Jon Dough really HIV positive? Seriously? That wasn’t the story I heard when he killed himself in August of 2006. And now Rob Black from Adult FYI is out to set the record straight. But to be clear, Rob Black isn’t speaking as another gossip columnist, he is coming out as someone who had first hand knowledge, someone who was there.

Jon Dough was under contract with Rob Black’s company Extreme Associates at that time in his life. They ended up having to let him go because of his extreme drug use and his inability to perform as a direct result of that drug use.

Jon Dough was a meth addict. Anyone who spent even 5 minutes with him knew this. This wasn’t a big secret.

August of 2006 also wasn’t the first or even second time he tried to kill himself. Jon Dough had really lost it in his final days. His drug use was severe and he became increasingly crazy. His drug of choice was methamphetamines. People say that he would get super fucked up and then sit in his bedroom and just stare out the window, waiting people to come and get him. His paranoid delusions where legendary. Everyone it seems was out to get him.

This is again something anyone who spent even a small amount of time with Jon Dough would know.

Rob Black also reports that Jon Dough became increasingly violet and belligerent. “He was so strung out he thought people were coming to the house to get him.” Again this Rob Black would know because he was in Jon Dough’s life at that time.

Rob Black said “He was so hooked on meth, that is what put him over the edge. Not being HIV positive.”

Was he really HIV positive? That isn’t clear. But most likely no. As far as I know there has never been a single person to claim this except Mike South. But even if you don’t know, look at it logically. By keeping an active performers HIV status private would hurt the entire industry. Even if the guy killed himself, others would have had to be tested. But according to Mike South it was better to just put all those others at risk out of respect for him? Seriously? I just don’t buy that. Plus in all this time, there were a ton of leaked AIM information. That is one thing that never got leaked. So everything EVER to happen at AIM gets leaked, except that one thing? Umm okay.

Rob Black calls Mike South out saying Mike South is a flat out liar. That Jon Dough wasn’t HIV positive. He was in fact a drug addict, with severe problems relating to his drug use and that’s why he killed himself.

BTW I looked up the GFY thread in question that Mike South references and the only person making the claim that he was HIV positive was in face Mike South himself.  So where did this story really come from? Who is the “source” claiming the Jon Dough was HIV positive? That’s a huge LEGALLY LIABLE claim to make against someone. I wonder if his widow might pursue a lawsuit against Mike South for it?

sorry im late to the thread I was offshore fishing since fri
You did mention john Dough very very few people know why he committed suicide
He had tested HIV positive 3 days prior to his suicide Im not feeling sorry really for anyone we all make choices in life and we live with them a lot of guy come into the biz and they are more damaged than many of the girls, they have no matrketable skills little or no education and when their dick starts to fail them they have little to hope for. Just like the girls they think it will last forever it doesnt….
and FWIW James Deen is NOT going to eclipse anyone….he has done well but he is as far up as he will get…he is even arguably on the way back down.

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