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The Republican Race….

So Bachman is in it to win it. According to the Ames Straw Poll (Ames is a town in Iowa) Bachman is their number one choice to run for president. (OMG this is scary) Tim Pawlenty  who was running for the nom for a few seconds, quite the campaign when the Ames Results showed him in a distant 3rd place. So he is out. Ron Paul came in second. Rick Perry just added himself to the race, so he wasn’t even on the ballot. But he still got votes.

I find it heard to believe that the Republican’s can base their standing on so few voters. Here are the results of the Ames poll according to

Bachmann 4,823 votes

Paul 4,671 votes

Pawlenty 2,293 votes

Rick Santorum with 1,657 votes,

businessman Herman Cain 1,456 votes

Texas Gov. Rick Perry 718 write in votes

Mitt Romney with 567 votes

Newt Gingrich with 385 votes


Cnn did  a poll asking “Did the Iowa straw poll change your mind about GOP candidates?”  95% of the 22,000 people who answered NO. So why does this town’s results mean so much?

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