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The Return Of The KSEX Flake List

Powder blogs:

That’s right boys and girls, as of Friday night on Pinky and The Geek, the announcement was made that the KSEX Flake List has been brought back.

You may remember this list posted on the old KSEXradio website. Due to several recent guests flaking on various shows, without calling or contacting the hosts, we decided to bring back the Flake List.

Every Friday, I will be going on the air at our new time slot (8pm-10pm PT) and announcing who didn’t meet their comment (without a legitimate excuse) to appear on a KSEX that week. This not only applies to my own show but every KSEX show on our schedule.

With that said, I’d like to welcome our first three entries to the KSEX Flake List:

1. Summer Storm: Canceled her appearance last minute and rescheduled for the following week, promising she would appear. Never returned the phone calls made or messages left.

2. Megan Reece: Contacted through myspace, told me she needed to speak with her agent, saw her at PSK same response, received a myspace message needing my phone number. She never called or returned follow up messages.

3. Lucy Fire: Contacted through myspace. Agreed to appear but, needed a ride to the KSEX studio. Arranged for a ride and provided phone numbers. Sent follow up message, which she READ but never called or replied to message.

The KSEX Flake List will also be posted on as well as updated on myspace as well. Those who make up for flaking and keep their next commitment to appear on KSEX, will be removed.

Stay tuned every week to find out who joins the Flake List next.

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