The Risks of “Smart” Sex Toys

If you have been looking at cam sites recently, you will notice that sex toys have gotten a lot smarter. There are even some that will allow the cam watcher to control them through the internet, and they give the cam models a lot of control as to how long they can let someone control the toy and what settings they give away control over. Even personal sex toys are getting pretty smart, with ones that can track how good your sex is, your bodily qualities during sex and some that can even be remote controlled via an app on your smartphone. However, what happens to all of your sexual data?

One toy, the WeVibe 4 Plus is controlled via an app. Some people recently discovered that all of the data from the app gets sent back to the manufacturer for the purposes of market research. This is fine, for the most part, except at a recent hacking convention, two hackers showed that it was pretty easy to intercept this personal information of a sexual nature. It was also possible for the hackers to take control of the vibe and deliver a sexy surprise to the wearer!

Earlier this year, a security firm also hacked into some smart sex toys, just to prove how easy it was. The scary thing is that some sex toys include webcams which can also be hacked. This means that hackers could get video of your doing it over VOIP with your long distance lover!

This is a serious issue to think about in the field of teledildonics, which is great at thinking of new ways of titillating us and turning us on with what are essentially sex robots, but not that great of thinking of security features that will keep our sexual information safe. However, the manufacturers of such products assure the public that things are getting better. One of the major smart sex toy manufacturers, Lovense, a favorite of cam performers, says that they don’t serve any private customer data on their servers for this very reason.

So if you plan on using any smart sex toys, then you might want to make sure you’re aware of all the risks involved. The risks are not great, because what is a hacker going to do with the information that you used a vibrator at x time on x day, but if you have a toy with a webcam or any personally identifiable information, then the risks might be more severe. However, it seems that the sex toy companies are on it. And if all else fails, you can just fap it with your good old fashioned hand to all of the awesome porn I have recommended her for you on The Porn Dude!

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