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The Robocop Scene You Weren’t Supposed To See (Warning: Comical Graphic Content)

Some may portray Detroit as a crime capital of the world, a place you don’t dare venture through once the sun goes down.  Enter the badass cyborg by the name of ROBOCOP! As he patrols the streets of presumably Eminem’s hood, no potential thief or murderer is safe. You can be sure he’ll be catching those stray bullets, and sending them right back at… your junk?

This fucking clip had me rolling on the ground in laughter. It’s so well done and over the top, and it’s hard not to laugh when that one dude pukes on himself.

This of course is crowdsourced, fan-made content. Basically, a group of 50 filmmakers cut up scenes from the original movie, and re-did them using their own interpretation and resources. This particular scene ended up being one of the higher-end, more perfected scenes that got created. The movie is truly a work of art! You can watch it here in its entirety.

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