The Robot Sex Future

Scientists and sexual researchers have come to a conclusion which they find startling, but I find pretty cool! They are saying that by the year 2050 more people will be choosing to have sex with robots than will be having sex with real humans. Of course I can see why some people find this a troubling thought, but I love it because it will enable people to get exactly what they want from their sex lives and they won’t have to go through any awkward encounters. Plus, if you program secrecy into a robot, they really will never tell!

Of course these experts who have come to this conclusion are sounding the alarm, saying that basically, robot sex is going to be so much more amazing than human sex that people are not even going to be interested in the real thing. I truly cannot imagine a future where that is really the case, but I’m inclined to believe the experts. However, they are also saying that sex robots would allow those who fall more on the side of a sex addiction to fuel their desires whenever they wanted, since a sex robot would never have a headache or menstrual cramps which would cause them to turn down a good fucking.

Another application for these robots would be a legalized form of escorting. If a robot is providing the services, there’s nothing illegal about it, and some British futurists even envision robot brothels, where anyone can get exactly what they want for a considerably cheaper price than their human counterparts. Experts also think that these robots would be much better at connecting with their human patrons on an emotional level because they wouldn’t have to “fake it” since everything would just be dependent on circuitry.

At this point, sex robots are not great. Sure there are realistic sex dolls but even those require a bit of care and they are still and lifeless. With more realistic technologies on the horizon, there is the hope (or fear on the part of some people) that better sex robots will come around, but for now we’ll have to make do with the real thing and try to pick up chicks the traditional way.

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