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The Royal Wedding- GAG!

I hate these things. I can imagine how the people that feel as I do and live in England feel. HELP!  But as my UK friends have said, they don’t like it either but it makes the tourist dollars roll in.

Ok, so some kid who was born under a lucky star  (still gagging, ROYALTY) hooked up with a chick that is way too hot for him, and she decided marrying UP was a good idea ( don’t blame her at all)  went through with it this weekend, and every detail from shoes to buttons to eye makeup  was covered in detail by the press.

Everywhere we looked was a pic of the happy ( and icky & balding) groom along with the Bride, beautiful Kate ( who originally got the Prince’s attention cuz she modeled almost nude) & KATE’S GORGEOUS FAMILY! 

Well at least now we may have some cute royal children who aren’t related…

PS- To my dear friend Ray Garton- Love ya man, this is horror novel material right here…

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