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The Rub PR’s Erika Icon: I’m Innocent, I’ve Been Set Up – LOL Um Yea Ok

Yesterday I made post about my thoughts on the Fake AHF letter. I guess at some point, Gene Ross put it up on Erika explained to Gene why should would never do what I accused her of. Let’s review


“I would never do anything to hurt my industry”

Of course not Erika, thats why you were so happy about that letter. A letter that had the potential to become TMZ material and get picked up on every news site out there..

“I would also never do anything to jeopardize a current or past client’s reputation”

Erika, I’ve seen many things you’ve said and posted over the last 12 months, slamming people who no longer require your services. Do I need to post them? Correct me I’m wrong, but wasn’t Alex Chance a former client? Were you not trashing her in your blog post? There is a reason why your past client list is 10 times longer then your current client list. And you had to remove some past clients off your list for reasons I wont go into here. But I can if you want.

“I have a personal blog–parts of that were supposed to be private and others public”

So what you’re saying is you slammed Alex Chance in private so only you could read it, but are too stupid to have done it correctly?

“but they were still viewable because they weren’t cached, so I deleted them”

No Erika, you deleted the WHOLE BLOG.

“Sean from TRPWL has printed libelous information about me in the past”

Really? Show me what wasn’t true and I’ll remove it.

Read her whole response at ADULT FYI

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