The Scoop on Pornstar Salaries

With celebrities and reality TV stars often being offered ridiculous sums of money to star in porn movies, people might wonder – how much do actual pornstars make? Luckily for you, porn pioneer Abby Winters recently answered some questions about pornography in a thread on a social media platform that gives the public the real scoop on pornstar salaries. It’s pretty interesting since everyone has the idea that pornstars are always millionaires living a great lifestyle but it’s not always the truth. Of course pornstars aren’t hurting for dough by any means, but check out what they really make.

According to Abby Winters experience, a pornstar can make anything from $340 to $1020 for a scene which is all dependant on what the babe is willing to do. The upper ranges of the salary go for chicks who are willing to do boy/girl hardcore sex, where the lower ranges are for people who only want to do nudes with no leg spreads. A different article from CNBC confirms the fact, with their estimate that both men and women can make up to $1500 for a hot boy/girl scene, while women can typically make up for $1200 for a girl/girl scene.


Girls usually get paid more when they do things like anal sex or interracial banging, but the APAC, an industry organization that advocates for adult performers, is trying to change the fact that interracial fucking should be something that is worth more money, because they feel it is insensitive to racial equality in this country. They recently released a statement explaining their position, stating: “charging a higher rate to work with performers of another race is unfair and unethical. Treating a performer’s race as a determining factor for pay is a violation of performer rights as well as a violation of federal workplace discrimination laws.” Whatever your belief, it’s simply a fact that working with transgender people or doing interracial is worth more at this time, and so a lot of pornstars love to do it!

Pornstars can become millionaires if they get to be really famous, but most people estimate that a female pornstar can earn about $50,000 a year, which is a respectable salary, and that male pornstars earn much less – about $30,000 per year. This is probably the only field in which females earn more than their male counterparts. Go pornstars!

For me, I’m not a pornstar but I do love them, and I love porn. You can rest assured that the only way that I make money is when I put something on my site that you actually deem is worth it to join. Otherwise, I’m just waiting in the wings hoping I did my job correctly. My job isn’t quite as hard as a pornstar’s because I get to sit around and watch porn all day, and tell you which porn you should watch, but I love it when I give good reviews and recommendations that really help people find the porn they want, which is why I’ve designed my site this way.

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