The secret life of Sussex math’s teacher who works as a gay pornstar

Has it ever crossed that your maths teacher in high school could have been a pornstar in disguise? What if you found out that the guy who has been teaching you algebra has another job as a gay pornstar?

That is exactly the kind of situation that students at Peacehaven Community School, a high school in East Sussex, found themselves in. They Googled their math teacher, Scott Sherwood, during a lunch break and nothing could quite have prepared them for what they found. They found that their teacher had another less academic career as Aaron Cage, with his videos found on several online platforms. Let that sink in for a second. Click here to view gay sites.

Students shocked

To say that students were shocked would be a great understatement. Not only was their teacher a former gay pornstar, but he was also very open about it and didn’t seem like he had anything to hide from his past. In one YouTube video, the 50-year-old said, “for me, becoming a [Colt Studio] model, it was just a dream come true.”

Another of his films’ title gets right down to brass tax: “Aaron Is a Hot British Bear.” Many would find that hard to argue against.

In the comments section, one female student wrote; “That guy is my maths teacher his real name is Scott Sherwood. I’m scared”. Well, who wouldn’t?

Another simply said: “My old maths teacher.”

Students actually started circulating X-rated photos of their teacher once his alter ego was uncovered. I understand that every student would be shocked to find out that their high school teacher used to work in the adult entertainment industry, but I also hope that their shock was short-lived. Cheer up folks; it is 2018.

Parents reaction

The school, according to parents, is yet to comment on the revelation. In a surprising twist of events, one of the parents claimed that students who talked about the matter in school were threatened with expulsion.

She said: “My daughter is in Year 10 and another child found things online and put them on the computer for everyone to see.

“My son is in Year 7 and found out about it in the lunch hall while all the children were talking about it.

“The school have not told us anything about it. It would have been nice to find out from the school rather than from the children.

“They have told all the children to be quiet about it. We don’t know when he’s coming back.”

One uncle who did not wish to be named said: “I picked up my 14-year-old niece who was giggling and said ‘my maths teacher is a porno actor.’

“I couldn’t believe my ears, I was furious. They had gathered round in the playground watching one of their phones.”

I’m not sure he’s going back to teaching in that school if a letter by the acting headteacher is anything to go by. In the letter sent to students’ parents, Austen Hindman, who is the acting head teacher said that Sherwood “will not be in school by agreement while we carry out a full investigation. It would be inappropriate for me to make any further comment while this investigation is ongoing,” he stated in the letter.

It is reported that the Australian born Sherwood studied maths at the University of Sussex. He began as a part-time supply teacher but was given the full-time position some time in 2017. Before this revelation, he was also a mentor for students in year ten at the school which has over 850 pupils.

Challenges in the industry

Pornstars have it easy in life. I mean, their careers revolve having sex and getting paid for it, right? Wrong. Scott Sherwood gave an interview to the Irish rag Gay Community, under the guise of ‘Aaron Cage’ in which he highlighted some of the challenges faced by adult entertainers in the industry.

For starters, there is so much pressure that some turn into drugs while some even attempt suicide. He actually thinks that porn should not be considered a career. “Porn shouldn’t be seen at work. It’s a second job at best. Everyone has a shelf-life. Even me. Trends in porn change,” he said.

He added: “I see all these 22-year-olds with stars in their eyes – thinking this is going to be their career, then finding it’s all over and having their next career options curtailed.

“I was already settled, established. These guys well… well, see the previous question about work drying up.”

Unfortunately, not too many people have such an accepting view of people who work in the porn industry. There are stigma and prejudice aplenty. The fact that Sherwood has not returned to the classroom to teach since his former life came to the surface says a lot. It shows the level of intolerance for these pornstars who many think to lead the easiest of lives.  The porn industry is clearly not for the fainthearted.

Colt daddy

Sherwood has flown out to the United States to shoot films for Colt Studio Group, who boast a 50-year history in the porn industry. On the Colt Studio Group website, Sherwood is listed as 6ft 2in, weight as 240lbs and also gives his sexual preferences.

He is Mr. January in the “Colt Daddies” 2018 calendar and has featured in several porn films which include Gruff Stuff and Manpower.

Sherwood, who lives with his partner in Seaford, Sussex, talked about his most embarrassing moment on set in a recent interview. He said “Making my co-star pop his cork before the cameraman was ready. We kind of forgot we were being filmed and were just enjoying ourselves. It wasn’t very professional.

“Your co-star may be hot, but you are there for the camera and the viewer – not entirely for yourselves.”

However, Sherwood declined to comment about his double life.


If you were thinking your life is complicated, think again. How would you like walking in Sherwood’s shoes for 30 minutes? Scared of the proposition? Then the porn industry is not for you.  Just stick to fapping.

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