“The Sexiest Thing My Girlfriend Ever Did”

Men dish on some of the dirtiest things their girlfriends have done in bed. Ladies, listen up, these are some tips you certainly want to take note of:

“Last night I went down on my girlfriend and she did something that completely blew my mind. She spread her legs really wide and lifted them up so she was forming a V around my head. Then when she climaxed, she tightened her legs around my head. I could actually feel her thighs shaking from the pleasure. I knew she was loving it.”

“One time my girlfriend blindfolded herself, then blindfolded me, and we fucked. I liked knowing that neither of us could see and that everything was about touch. There were times when I didn’t know what she was doing until I suddenly felt her mouth on my dick. And it was cool having to use my tongue and fingers to explore her body and to know where each part was at any given moment.”

“My girlfriend had the day off work but I didn’t. From the time I pulled out of the driveway till the moment I pulled back in that night, she sent me a bunch of close up pictures of her body parts with different verbs like ‘lick’, ‘touch’, and ‘suck’. I hardly got any work done and as soon as I got home, we had the kind of hot sex that only comes after, like, eight hours of anticipation.”

“When we moved into our first apartment together, I thought we’d be unpacking and organizing stuff all night. But she told me that we weren’t unpacking a single thing till we christened every room. (We would fuck for a few minutes in one room then move to the next.) Without furniture, it meant a lot of fucking on the floor and up against the walls. It made me question the need for furniture at all.”

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