The Sexy Women of Game of Thrones!

Forget those pumpkin-skinned Jersey shore bores and shitty “Gossip Girl”-esque melodramas because strictly going off T.V ratings, it’s plain to see that this is the undisputed year of the Nerd.

Just what the hell do I mean? Well, here’s a list of science fiction/fantasy-centric shows just off the top of my head that are crowding the airwaves: Once Upon a Time, Dr. Who, Hemlock Grove, Arrow, Elementary, Defiance and Orphan Black, just to name a few.

But everyone knows who’s really cleaning up shop and making everyone stay up late on Sunday nights – it’s George R.R. Martin’s incredibly engrossing high-fantasy series, Game of Thrones.

Adapted for the small screen by writing wunderkinds, David Benioff and D.B Weiss, GoT has conquered the game of television ratings and critic approval, so it’s no wonder why the show is widely considered to be one of the very best television series ever made. And for the ones who write off a show because of the fantasy label, well, Lord of the Rings, this is not.

The story begins with the death of a king and shuffles through a myriad of different narratives as the surrounding power “houses” fight and plot to see who will sit on the Iron Throne – an extremely bad-ass throne welded with molten swords from conquered foes.

Westeros, the universe where Game of Thrones takes place, is an ultra-cruel and unkind realm to say the least. There are things that happen in the series that often illicit extreme shock and disgust from the viewer, but all of it is riveting and purposeful and deliberate. There are no easy identifiable “evil” characters, save for that blond-haired sociopathic fuckhead. And the white-hat characters that you naturally root for end up doing highly amoral acts or getting violently killed off. Nothing is formulaic about this monolithic spectacle of a show. It’s social Darwinism at its finest and ugliest.

Apart from the awesome uncompromising story-lines, another reason why Game of Thrones is so popular is because the show contains boatloads of sex, nudity, weird fetishes, and other…kink. Nudity is so commonplace on GoT that there’s usually a weird feeling when there isn’t. And it sure helps that a lot of the female cast (some even pornstars) are damn sexy and aren’t afraid to flash some skin. In my opinion, the rampant nudity isn’t exploitative at all because it falls directly in line with the overall ruthlessness of the show.

So as we collectively wait for the season finale, slake your thirst with my irresistible list of the sexiest women of Game of Thrones.

Let the games begin!

1.) Emilia Clarke / Daenerys Targaryen


Here’s what Emilia Clarke looks like in real life:

Yeah. She’s absolutely MINT.

2.) Lena Headey / Cersei Lannister

Here’s Lena Headey in real life:

3.) Rose Leslie / Ygritte

Rose Leslie in real life:

4.) Sibel Kekilli / Shae

Click on this picture to see all of Sibel’s free porn scenes!

5.) Carice van Houten / Melisandre

6.) Natalie Dormer / Margaery Tyrell

7.) Esme Branco / Ros

8.) Nathalie Emmanuel / Missandei

9.) Oona Chaplin / Talisa Maegyr


10.) Hannah Murray / Gilly

Quite possibly the prettiest inbred girl ever.

11.) Gwendoline Christie / Brienne of Tarth

12.) Natalie Tena / Osha

13.) Armeca / Sahara Knite

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14.) Gemma Whelan / Yara

15.) Michelle Fairley / Catelyn Stark



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