The Silencing Slider – Burger Gag!


This new sex toy just might be a step back for the obsessed fans of BDSM who are trying with all their might to bring it safely into the main stream fighting the crowds that pre-ordered their 50 Shades of Grey tickets. It perhaps poses a threat as a huge joke for the bondage community. However, it seems that BDSM just went hipster and perhaps super ultra American.

The new ball gag shaped like a cheeseburger is sold on Etsy for $69USD because really what other price would they make it?

The “Gorge Ohwell Silencing Slider” named by the Etsy artist burgergag claims to be “ergonomically designed to comfortably plug even the loudest of burger holes. Made of soft and non-toxic natural food grade silicone rubber, the gag has no unpleasant plastic smells or odors!”


Up next we vote for a colored jawbreaker gag ball to represent that 90’s movie that everybody loves or maybe an Egg McMuffin. If you’re a fan of eating, kitschy collectables and BDSM then hop on over to Etsy to claim your silencing slider now and shock your sex partners when you pull it out at the next dungeon orgy.

Cheeseburger gag ball loverEnvision the ultimate McDonald’s role play featuring your favorite clown Ronald McDonald, Hamburgler, Grimace, Fry Kid  and Birdie the Early Bird (gangbang or crazy dominatrix?)

This interesting and unique ball gag could help redefine what it means to “super-size it”! Is your mouth watering yet?

The tasty scenarios just keep on rolling but in the end the discovery of the Silencing Slider is one of the greatest sex toy discoveries for me this year.

“Give the Gift that Keeps on Gagging!”

Did this burger ball gag put you in the mood for more?

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