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The Speak Out Act: Terrible News for Motley Models

As most of you already know, I’m the smartest best-est blogger in adult…While everyone else is 711 pimpin, beating women, exchanging promo for anal and watching fido eat pussy, your ole boy TRPWL is learning new stuff.

Take today for instance, even though I’ve repeatedly told my mom the basement is off limits before noon, she woke me up at 10am. While some of you would lie around and complain, I decided to make the best of it..

I jerked off to Crystal Clark’s glasses, cleaned up with my sock, then peered out the window too make sure Jesse Jones hadn’t finally saved up the 500 bucks needed for the hitman that was supposed to kill me 2 years go…,.

When the coast was clear, my mom brought me some hot pockets and I immediately logged into TMZ to check out the latest celebrity to be canceled over something they did 15 years ago. Disappointingly, there was no such thing today..However, I did stumble on an article about Tiger Woods, the half Asian half black golf guy who likes white chicks…

This poorly written post was about some money hungry skank was didn’t want to abide by the NDA she signed, like a Ginger Banks novel, she now claims sexual assault or harassment as the reason..

Come to find out, that’s a legit legal argument:

The U.S. House of Representatives on Nov. 16 passed the Speak Out Act, which prohibits the use of nondisclosure and nondisparagement agreements in the case of sexual harassment and assault.

This is good news for porn chicks, how many of y’all have been forced into signing NDAs? How many of y’all have witnessed inappropriate behavior by your agent, or someone connected to you agency?

FYI, Did you know Motley Models is trying to make Nicole Doshi by out of her contract for 30K?  Hardly seems right

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